Young Man’s Foot ‘All But Gone’ After Small Explosion In New York’s Central Park Apparently Effected By Fireworks

This is scary — and possibly not smart.

A man have clearly lost his paw, is in accordance with eyewitnesses, after a small blowup rocked a part of New York City’s Central Park earlier this morning, and sovereignties believe it all has to do with fireworks.

According to eyewitnesses on incident, the man and his friends were clambering on a stone near the Fifth Avenue and East 60 th Street portions of the park when something ‘exploded, ‘ gravely disabling the man.

Authorities strongly suspect that fireworks are to blame, though the man’s sidekick has allegedly denied that they were carrying any with them.

Coincidentally, New York Times reporter Sarah Maslin Nir was just down the street embracing Elie Wiesel ‘s memorial service after his death yesterday, and when she sounded the explosion, she hastened into Central Park, exclusively to tweet this( below ):


She resumed 😛 TAGEND


Here’s video of the consequence from another witness( below ):


Regardless, hopefully this young man makes a recovery, even if his leg and foot resonate … not so good.

And remember during this weekend, beings — leave the fireworks to the professionals !!

[ Image via Twitter .]

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