You Learn People How To Cherish You

Svetlana Manic

In the acces you take time with yourself, standing calmly at the shower reflect, smiling until the look feels familiar. In the direction that you watch the recess of your opening curl upwards when you chuckle, or identify the lines around your eyes increase naturally when you’re filled with pleasure. In the space you see your glamour firstly, rather than your inaccuracies or what you wish to change–that is how you learn parties to love you.

With patience, with approval.

In the lane you push yourself, step by step, mile by mile. In the acces you breathe deeply then inch forward, clambering to the top. In the lane the sweat spangles on your forehead and your mettle crowds with dignity. In the channel “youve never” let another’s’ no’ decide your answer, but seek the truth yourself–that is how you school people to love you.

With resilience, with respect.

You show them that who you are is not defined by the thoughtfulnes in a mirror or the words spilled from someone else’s lip. You show them that a limit is not foisted unless you situate it there. You show them the person you have the power to be is already within you, strong and full on her own .

You show them that to like you means to accept all of your parts–not thinking that “you think youre” perfect, but that you are Because you believe yourself to be.

In the style you listen to music, dance under the stars, sit and keep watching the tree leaves flutter in the wind. In the method you question, or encounter deadlines, or furrow your eyebrows as you guess all the answers to the problem you’ve “ve been given”. In the behavior you think and move and fall into a deep sleep at the end of the day, taking time to work hard and wind down–that is how you teach people to love you.

With ease, with intention.

In the method you count your favors but always strive for more, how you spend time with the person or persons you enjoy but also enjoy left alone. In the acces you speak statements of kindness and hope, even in the darkness–that is how you school people to love you.

With persistence, with care.

You show them who you are is being created with every step, every convict, every smile. You show them that you are capable, but also appreciate others. That you cherish the move but revalue the stillnes. That you are a balance, a chaos, an ever-changing being .

You show them that you are complex, but not difficult, daring but not coarse, soft but not fragile.

And in accordance with the rules you are continually learning to accept yourself, to strive for more, to learn and proliferate and celebrate the person you are becoming–that is how you educate beings to love you.

With acceptance and tenderness and eagerness and campaign.

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