Worthwhile beaches 20 hours from the tarmac

Playa Isla Verde is Puerto Rican paradise close to the runway.( Puerto Rico Tourism Company .)

Sometimes, getting there isnt half the recreation. When youre jaunt, every second were used in transaction can be better spent working on a sunburn or a bottomless tropical boozing. Here got a few beaches that are conveniently set less than half an hour from major airports.

1. Playa de Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

( Puerto Rico Tourism Company )

Less than five miles from San Juans Luis Munoz Marin International Airport( SJU ), Playa de Isla Verde is the first place travelers can work on their tan upon arrived here Puerto Rico. The 1.5 -mile-long crescent-shaped pull of sand is favourite with neighbourhoods who come for sunbathing, paddle boarding, snorkeling and swimming. Households like this beach because the drop-off is gradual and the billows are soothing. As far as municipal beaches exit, its hard to find one as clean as Playa de Isla Verde, which results in light-green island. Green also has another meaning here: money. Beachfront hotels like Courtyard Isla Verde Beach Resort and the Ritz-Carlton San Juan boast the thousands of slot machines, so guests and visitors can gamble when it rains.

2. South Beach, Florida

( Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami )

Long layovers at Miami International Airport( MIA) is no requirement be spent in overpriced airfield rails, because tropical potions are only a 20 -minute cab ride away at happening South Beach tables like DECK Sixteen, on the ceiling of the brand-new Hyatt Centric. South Beach is famous for its celebrity-studded clubbing panorama, and at simply a part per razz the local Miami Beach buses stimulate nightlife transportation easy and inexpensive. During the day, the accepting unfold of sand is the ideal place for people-watching.( That nondescript jogger on Ocean Drive Promenade only might be an -Alister .) And when youve had enough sunbathe, South Beachs historic and iconic artistry deco buildings volunteer abundance of shade.

3. Virginia Beach

( Virginia Beach Convention& Visitor Bureau )

Virginias No. 1 guest attraction, Virginia Beach, is a 20 -minute drive from Norfolk International Airport( ORF ). While certain parts of the beach are carried( especially during Beach Street U.S.A. concerts and festivals ), Virginia Beach comprises 14 miles of sand all give free access so its never hard to find cavity for your beach towel. More active, year-round activities include whale-watching outings, horseback riding on the beach and bird-watching in the national wildlife refuge. For adrenaline buffs, theres swaying on the Skyscraper ride at the Amusement park or clambering canopies in the aerial forest ballpark at the Aquariums Adventure Center. Remember to save some time to visit the Military Aviation Museum and Fighter Factory when you return to the airport.

4. Culebra Bay, Costa Rica

( Playa Papagayo – El Mangroove )

Breathtakingly beautiful Culebra Bay, just 12 miles from Liberia International Airport( LIR ), is a convenient flee for those who want to stay in the Guanacaste region, nicknamed Costa Ricas Gold Coast, without a rental car. The tranquil bay has several stunning white sand beaches crowds and pesky vendors dont exist here backed by mangrove woodlands. Guests at beachfront properties like El Mangroove can rent kayaks or paddleboards and beach-hop until they reach the northern part of the inlet, where the ocean is as clear as glass and the coral community lends itself to brilliant and preferably animated snorkeling. The inlet is also a popular launching place for fishing trips and sunset cruises that take travelers into the Gulf of Papagayo.

5. Venice Beach, California

( California Travel and Tourism Commission, Andreas Hub )

With attributes as entertaining as any youll spot at Disneyland, Los Angeles Venice Beach is a must-see for visitors to sunny Southern California. The 2.5 -mile-long boardwalk is only five miles northwest of Los Angeles International Airport( LAX ), a $40, 15 -minute cab ride or an $18, 25 -minute shared shuttle ride away. Once at the beach, visitors can get their hands greasy with fried meat galore or chalk up and compete with the boardwalks resident bodybuilders. The craziness of Venice Beach is what outlines the masses it has more than 16 million guests a year so its smart to notebook a chamber away from the chaos. The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey is within walking interval, but it also offers bike rentals so clients can pedal to the boardwalk.

6. Hermosa Beach. California

( Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce and Vistors Bureau )

Just 10 minutes from LAX is Hermosa Beach, a quieter, more affluent answer to Venice Beach. Beach volleyball is as number as touching teeth here, and its worth noting to connect a pickup game and play with the good-looking neighbourhoods, even if youre in town merely for a few hours. Hermosa Beach also offers superb surfing; the Hermosa Beach Pier is home to the Surfers Walk of Fame. Even though it is mainly a residential area, the Beach House Hotel Hermosa Beach is pinpointed right on the 26 -mile oceanfront paved track guiding up to Malibu, and 80 percent of its 96 client suites render sunset views.

7. Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Mexico

( CasaMagna Marriott Cancun )

If not for the time spent waiting for luggage and immigration, travelers could arrive at Cancun International Airport( CUN) and have their feet in the sand within 20 times. Merely 10.5 miles from the airport, CasaMagna Marriott Resort rises up from the picture-perfect lily-white sand at the midpoint of the 12 -mile-long Zona Hotelera. Since all of Mexicos beaches are federally owned; “theres” 10 public access parts in Zona Hotelera, stirring it easy for travelers to contact the beach without having to volume a chamber at one of the fancy useds stringing the airstrip. This strain of sand is a magnet for outpouring breakers, but putting up with party-hungry college children is a small price is payable for experiencing such a fine slice of paradise.

8. Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

( Wilmington and Beaches CVB )

Billed as North Carolinas most accessible beach, Wrightsville Beach is a no-brainer for beach-minded travelers to the Tar Heel State. A connection connects the picturesque island parish to the mainland and the town of Wilmington a end in itself. Wilmington International Airport( ILM) is just 10 miles back, so travelers can be paddle boarding along the Intracoastal Waterway or bodysurfing in the Atlantic less than 30 hours after they touch down. This coastline is also a world-class diving end. After propelling from Wrightsville Beach, divers can inquire more than 200 historic shipwrecks. During the winter months, when the irrigate is too cold for float, visitors can lease kayaks and paddle to Masonboro, an undeveloped obstacle island thats residence to an array of seabirds and nesting loggerhead and dark-green sea turtles.

9. Loreto Islands, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

( James Tiffany Photography )

Intended to be the original Cabo, its surprising that Loreto has managed to stay true-life to its sleepy angling village beginnings. Often referred to as Mexicos best-kept secret, the Loreto Islands lie exactly off the coast of the Loreto International Airport( LTO ). The five main islands are secured in the Sea of Cortez, residence to Mexicos largest marine retain. The parts premier resort, Villa del Palmar, offers barge outings that allow visitors to tour small island developing and treated with more than 800 species of naval life, arraying from mating Pacific gray-headed whales to tasty yellowfin tuna and curious sea lions. Baja is home to some somewhat outstanding beaches, and theres no better or more convenient residence to experience them in peace and quiet.

10. Rockaway Beach, New York

( Julienne Schaer )

New York Citys Rockaway Beach isnt for the swoon of center, but it fits in perfectly in the city of extremes. The Atlantic-facing beach goes army during the summer, and the water temperature flits near freezing in the winter. Still, the sandy shore is a sight for sore seeings in the concrete jungle, and its only a 20 -minute taxi ride from John F. Kennedy International Airport( JFK ). You can also get to Rockaway Beach via AirTrain and subway, but the $7.75 journey takes twice as long. At the beach, surfing( with wetsuits of course) reigns supreme. -ATeam Paddleboarding offers rentals and assignments as well as SUP& Stay boxes that feature moving campsites made out of roof bodies and repurposed truck caps.

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