Woman hung 10,000 rainbow Christmas illuminates to protest a homophobic neighbour

This week has shown current trends of Americans trumping hate with love in the form of rainbow flags.

Mike Pence’s D.C. neighbors’ have been hanging rainbow flagson their houses to protest his homophobic sentiments, and about 20 tenants of a Michigan vicinity hung pride pennants after a neighbor expressed displeasure for them.

Lexi Magnusson, 34, is following suit but with a luminescent twisting. After her neighbor in the Seattle area conveyed anti-LGBTQ rulings, Magnusson reported her own lawn in ten, 000 rainbow Christmas lights.

“Our new neighbors are maniacs. Since regular invasion have contributed to assault charges, I proceeded with passive invasion. 10,000 light-footeds later, ” she captioned the photo on Reddit.

“We had a new neighbour stop by our house to eagerly fulfill us. She’s Mormon, and heard that we were, more. My guess is that she thought we were still followers, even though my husband informed her we no longer listen, ” Magnusson wrote to Mashable . “I imagine she thought we still propped the same creed about LGBT issues as the Faith does. We utterly do not. It’s why I left the Mormon church.”

Magnusson then explained to Mashable the ways in which her neighbour carried anti-LGBTQ views.

When we asked her what raised her to Washington she said it was to protect her children. She spoke about how disturbed she was that her son get turned down by a girl for prom because she was going with her lover. She was very upset that the school earmarked “that” at the prom. She then went on to talk about how there was an meeting at the secondary school their own children was attending about transgender people. She told him that they even had a kid standing and talk about how he is transgender. I envisioned she had meant that the school had outed him, and was frightened but she immediately cleared it up. The boy was the right one who had pushed for the assembly. Can you suspect how brave that child had to be? She said that she is intended to get her children away from that sort of affect and people making their “lifestyle” okay.

Even though Magnusson’s instinct was to respond to her neighbor with feeling, she action herself to take a calmer approach.

Here’s the thing: I was a fully imagining Mormon once. I know where she is coming from. If I had screamed at her it would only feed into her abuse complex and false belief that LGBT parties and their friends, along with people who have left the Mormon church, are furious bullies who are not tolerant of other people’s attitudes. I dislike that whole line of reasoning but I knew that if she was willing to move her kids to get away from the homosexuals( She moved to Washington. It’s basically North Oregon .) there would be little I could say to her to change her brain. She would have been right though, I am not accept of that “point of view.”

I wanted to say more to her. I wanted to write her a note telling her how happy I was that she would feel this road about other humans , especially children. But it wouldn’t have mattered. Then the election happened and the weight of all of those voters who seem exactly the same as she does really set in.

While Magnusson’s Reddit post gags about her hanging the sunlights as an ordinance of passive invasion, she explained that it is more than that.

“It wasn’t exactly a passive aggressive middle-of-the-road digit at my neighbour, I required it something more to show my solidarity and belief than simply the Human Rights Campaign stickers on our autoes, ” she pronounced. “I’ve cultivated in the background to reinforce LGBT causes and have been very vocal on Facebook but in real life it’s still really hard for me. It’s probably the wimpy room to circulate, but it’s not nothing.”

The lamps are pretty impressive in themselves. She decorated them with old-fashioned Christmas suns she had laying around, and she spray painted some white-hot ones gold and orange to amply achieve the rainbow effect. And there are more rainbow lighters to come.

“I haven’t finished the roofline because my husband has been out of municipality and he doesn’t affection when I croak clambering around on the ceiling by myself, ” Magnusson said.

Hopefully passive aggressivenes can also give a hand in trumping hate.

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