Wild boar dedicates British ambassador to Austria a scare

Envoy narrates being accused at by massive specimen, resulting in minor injuries as he slipped during his escape

Britains ambassador to Austria are typically been given a warm welcome, but a neighbourhood wild boar appeared to have little time for diplomatic niceties. Leigh Turner, who took up the post last August, has been shown that while walking in timbers near Vienna earlier this month, he was chased by a massive specimen and sustained minor injuries.

Turning a reces, Turner met himself face-to-face with a group of four or five hulking both adults and countless piglets. He passed and keep walking gradually. Instants eventually I sounds a noise behind me like a galloping mare, and turn to see a massive wild boar, manager down, charging directly at me, Turner recounted on his blog.

Turner tried to escape by clambering a pile of tree trunks, but stole on the moisten wood, scratching and bruising himself in the process.

By the time I became round, the boar[ no doubt thinking, Thats get rid of that swine] had flitted back to join the rest of the group, which was melting back into the forest, he did. All my minor injuries were self-inflicted: the boar never built contact.

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