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Dean Burnett: Rapper B.o.B. has been criticised for publicly contending the Globe is flat. You may think his claims are outlandish, but the truth is: they dont go far enough

Rapper B.o.B . has caused a furore by tweeting that the Earth was indeed flat, and you only need to look at the evidence presented to come to the same opinion. Patently, prominent scientists have openly scorned this claim, testifying the many paths in which it is outlandish , no matter how many parties contend otherwise. Theyre right though; sadly. B.o.B. is wrong. His nonsense claims, such as the idea that Earths curvature should be visible at particular distances but isnt, are just that: sillines. His comments and insistent words are little more than childish naivety. In truism, the conspiracy moves often, much more profound than that.

For example, the Earth really is flat. As in altogether flat, like a sheet of glass. The definition of flat is having a level surface; without developed fields or indentations. So how can you have towering houses and mountains if the Earth is flat? You cant. Q.E.D. It would be like saying a hedgehog is flat, which, forbidding an unfortunate encounter with a heavy goods vehicle, it clearly isnt.

Some might take issue with this, based on the flimsy evidence that they can see constructs, hills, trees, mountains and acts like that everywhere, and may even be in or on them right now. This is just another example of how blinkered beings are. If you examine closely, the evidences are everywhere.


Theres no such thought as a mountain, theyre only optical illusions caused by light refracting off all the mind-altering substances in the air. Photograph: PR

For instance, whats the tallest belief mountain on Earth? Everest. Except it isnt. The call is a giveaway; its clearly a morphing of never residual, because if you wanted to go to the biggest mountain youd literally never residue, because it isnt actually there. What about all those who have climbed it, “theyre saying”? Well, examine all the people who have died supposedly doing so. How do you die clambering something that isnt there? You cant. They were clearly killed to protect the conspiracy, whereas those who subsisted were willing to play ball.

And if that isnt clear enough, somewhat much everyone who attempts to climb Everest takes oxygen with them. Why would you do that when theres oxygen all around us, in the air? Wherever theyre get, it isnt on Earth. You know where you do need oxygen, though? THE MOON ! Thats where theyre get. So-called mountaineers are being sent to the moon in order to counterfeit clambering Everest. This is why Nasa had to fake the moon property with cosmonauts, because it was already full of mountaineers and they couldnt probability disclosing that scheme. Find how everything there is contributes up?

Some might still object, because theyre currently sitting in a tall construct. Theyre not though, they only think they are. In actuality, everyone is breathing in a potent mixture of hallucinogens that are constantly in the air around us, and these cause us to see houses and tall things where there are none. How did these hallucinogens get in the air? Well, thats what chemtrails are actually for.


Good night, your majesty. Photograph: Chris Davis/ Amphibian and Reptil/ PA

Dont worry, these hallucinogenic compounds arent provided by evil Big Pharma; theyre actually secreted by the shape-shifting lizards that rule culture. Why do you think lizards are in charge in the first place? They furnish the secretions that keep the population in line, believing in things like the Earth is round and constructs subsist. The few times beings are really tried to make a tall structure like the World Trade Centre, it is destroyed by the government.

Some refer to false flags at times like this. In truth, all pennants are false; theyre non-existent tall organizes, so are just figments of our collective imagination.

This contributes us on to further consideration though, like how thick-skulled is the Earth? It may be totally flat, but nobody said its two-dimensional. It must have a thickness, because we can go underground or underwater. Unlike mountains, the atlantic provinces are clearly real, because otherwise where did Atlantis extend?

The deepest part of the atlantic provinces we know about is the Mariana trench, a full 7 miles down. This necessitates the Earth is at least 7 miles thick, and probably a lot more so, because thats a lot of liquid on top of it and it would need to be solid enough to keep it all in, lest all of the high seas leak out of the bottom of the world. This clearly isnt happening, even if you do ignore the nonsense that is rising sea level due to global warming. How can you have global warming without a globe to heated? Hoisted by your own petard there, scientists!

Maybe the world is as thick as it is wide, and is actually a cube? Scientists scoff at this notion, underlining the fact that gravity would signify the flavor would be much thicker at the centre of the each surface and roughly barren at the spars. But have you find how the atmosphere is much more sultry at the so-called equator hitherto the spars are almost lifeless? Coincidence? OBVIOUSLY NOT!

When you follow this study of logic, it becomes clear that the only workable resolution is that Earth is indeed flat. Flatter than anyone has ever expected.

Either that, or the human intelligence has a wont of go looking for structures in innocuous or coincidental presences, ascribing great significance to any connection it can find and trying to make sense of them despite the absence of any concrete ground. But earnestly, thats a bit of a far-fetched affirm isnt it ?

Dean Burnett treats the neurological device to move to scheme ideologies and more in his introduction journal The Idiot Brain, available February 18 th

He is on Twitter: @garwboy

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