Why #BlackGirlMagic Makes Me Proud To Be A Black Woman In 2016

In case you haven’t find, black womenare having a major moment.

Over the last fewyears, pitch-black dames have claimed the spotlight in athletics, amusement and tech manufactures. In revelry of their efforts, a woman namedCaShawn Thompson coined the period #BlackGirlsAreMagic in 2013.

It caught on, progressing into #BlackGirlMagic.

Since then, both Essenceand Teen Voguehave rolled out editorialsaboutthe idea. Writerslaud hardworking pitch-black women who’ve dominated despiteadversity and racism.

Accuratelydescribing this new feeling of unity among black wives isdifficult.How exactly doIexplain why black girls are magical?

The definition of Black Girl Magic liessomewhere between our achievements and our indefinable appeal.

Cori Murray, entertainment writer of Essence, agrees Black Girl Magic is tough to sum up.

“It’s hard to break it down, especially in this social media age. Like, how do you do it in 140 references? You can’t, ” Murray shows, plagiarizing a few moments away from a cros hit to chit-chat with me. “That’s almost repudiating why this moment is so great.”

After simply a short interrupt, she acquires the right words.

“We, the pitch-black girlfriends, we don’t care anymore, ” she announces. “It’s okay if you have[ racist or sexist] thoughts towardsus. We’re going to gravitate towards people who aren’t putting us into these boxes.”

Actress Amandla Stenberg takes the same atmosphere in the newest publication of Teen Vogue.Her interviewer was , notably, Solange Knowles. Case in point.

As a black girl you grow up internalizing all these contents that say you shouldnt countenance your whisker or your skin atmosphere or your natural facets, or that you shouldnt have a articulation, or that you arent smart-alecky, Stenberg announces. I feel like the only way to fight that is to simply be yourself on the most genuine degree and to connect with other pitch-black girls.

Being black and a woman meansbattling twice the oppression.

For too long, anenslaved, separated biography stained our self-esteem. It’s hinderedthe pitch-black community from growing to itsfull potential.

Turn on your nightly bulletin or ringlet through Black Lives Matter leaderDeRay McKesson’s timeline tosee howdismissive society can be to black people.

“It’s hard to not to look at[ Black Girl Magic] through the lens of the Civil Privilege motion, bondage, all of these very negative stuffs that have happened to us, ” Murray explains.

Imagine being persecuted by culture historyand being a woman, on top of it all.

I can’t recall when I finally break-dance free from the laundry list of stereotypes civilization residences on pitch-black women.

There are astring of knowledge that have given meoverwhelming pride about my full lips( notKylie-inspired ), the sway of my hips and my kinky, natural hair.

Splashed on publication cover-ups and across Twitter timelines, Black Girl Magic reaffirms and magnifies what’s great about has become a black woman.

Even whenthe absurd insecurity of wearing my maneto a job interview or the stinging of colorism hittings, Black Girl Magic is a reminder that my place in the world matters.

“Constantly surround yourself with[ Black Girl Magic] muse, ” Murray suggests, mentioning pitch-black girlfriends of the moment Willow Smith, FKA Twigs and Yara Shahidi. “Listen to these young pitch-black women and give them inspire you.”

Teen actress Zendaya Coleman, for example, took a public stand forblack beauty last year. Mattel honored her with her a one-of-a-kindBarbie doll.

“When I was little I couldn’t find a Barbie that looked like me, my…how experiences have changed, ” she wrote on Instagram.

Because of Black Girl Magic, young black maidens will never doubttheir value.

The benefit of future generations of young black daughters may not be taunted because their lips are fuller than aclassmate’s or detect insufficient at work because of their race.

Chalk it up to Black Girl Magic, at least in part.

“My daughter knows she’s black, but I adoration that it’s not the first thing she “ve been thinking about” if she’s shunned on the playground, ” Murray tells me. “That’s not her first consider, where as sometimes that would be my first thought.”

Young pitch-black maidens, clambering the professional and personal ranks, will owntheir identities. Internalizing the movement, they’llsupport each other and was becoming increasingly vocal.

It’s often saidthat life is about growing intowho you are.

Black ladies, nonetheless, mustfirststrip all the things “were in” learned how to dislike about ourselves in orderto achieve that.

“[ Black Girl Magic] allows us to be seen in all of our beauty, ” Murray answers. “We’ve been denied that democracy for so long because of our skin color, because of our gender, but now all of those things nothing of those happenings matter.”

Black Girl Magic hasgainednationwide attention.It hasme to celebrating peak pitch-black excellence with my sistas, both on and offline.

Black Girl Magic is ours. It is us .

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