Where To Donate To Honor Each Of The 26 Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

Thursday symbols the five-year commemoration of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

On Dec. 14, 2012, the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, claimed the lives of 20 “childrens and” six faculty members. To reputation the lives of those who were killed, victims’ loved ones had now been shared beautiful eulogies and set up fellowship planneds , nonprofit organizations and more.

We’ve rounded up numerous neighbourhoods you can donate or volunteer to assistant these efforts and to keep the atmospheres of these children and lecturers alive.

Emilie Parker

Courtesy of Alissa Parker

Six-year-old Emilie Parker cherished art, reading and clapping people up once they are pathetic. After her demise, her mothers set up the Emilie Parker Art Connection to help fund skills programs in communities and academies. Emilie’s mom, Alissa, also co-founded Safe and Sound Schools to assist move schools more secure for children and instructors.

Daniel Barden

Via What Would Daniel Do

Daniel Barden, 7, was fitted with kindness and pity for others. His own family members launched an initiative designed called What Would Daniel Do to inspire others to indicate kindness and empathy and build a sense of parish. Daniel’s father, Mark, co-founded Sandy Hook Promise, a nonprofit that aims to prevent grease-gun brutality.

Allison Wyatt

Via the Allison Wyatt Memorial Fund

Six-year-old Allison Wyatt adoration to draw and to laugh. Her house set up the Allison Wyatt Memorial Fund to substantiate charitable the organisations of her name. They’ve constituted donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Ronald McDonald House Charities and the International Child Art Foundation.

Ana Grace Marquez-Greene

Via The Ana Grace Project

Ana Grace Marquez-Greene was a 6-year-old girl with a infatuation for music and worship. Her baby, Nelba, founded The Ana Grace Project, which is dedicated to “promoting love, community and joining for every child and family by using three lead initiatives: marriage academies, professional development, and music& arts.”

Josephine Gay

Joeys Fund

Although 7-year-old Josephine “Joey” Gay was non-verbal, she expressed with her “her eyes, her soothing hugs, her sweet heart, and her little hands.” She adoration playing games with her sisters and watching movies. Her family created Joey’s Fund Family Grant Program, which offers grants to ameliorate the lives of individuals with autism. Joey’s mom, Michele, likewise co-founded Safe and Sound Schools with Alissa Parker.

Avielle Richman

Via The Avielle Foundation

Six-year-old Avielle Richman had an exuberant temperament and adoration storeys. Her parents started The Avielle Foundation to impede savagery and encouraging pity through education, parish commitment and research into brain health.

Jesse Lewis

Via the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

Jesse Lewis was always larger than life. The 6-year-old reportedly indicated incredible firmnes during the last moments of their own lives when he yelled to his classmates to run for “peoples lives” during a brief pause in the shooting. Jesse’s mom, Scarlett, founded the the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement to empower children by instilling in their own homes the values of firmnes, grateful, forgiveness and pity.

Victoria Soto

Via the Vicki Soto Memorial Fund, Inc.

Being an professor was Victoria Soto’s dream. The 27 -year-old was living out that daydream as a first-grade teach at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her kinfolk set up the Vicki Soto Memorial Fund to carry educational initiatives such as scholarships and literacy endeavours.

Chase Kowalski

Courtesy of Rebecca Kowalski

Chase Kowalski, 7, could be shy, but gained confidence through his love of dive, biking and range. His parents started the CMAK Foundation to promote physical health and wellness among teenagers and strengthen communities in the process.

Dylan Hockley

Via Dylan’s Wings of Change

Dylan Hockley, 6, loved to hug and adore his big brother. His mothers established Dylan’s Wings of Change, a foundation dedicated to supporting teenagers with autism and related circumstances. Dylan’s mother, Nicole, likewise co-founded Sandy Hook Promise.

Jessica Rekos

Via The Jessica Rekos Foundation

Jessica Rekos, 6, cherished horseback riding, orca whales, one-liners and her little brothers. The Jessica Rekos Foundation helps fund institution protection attempts, orca whale research and protection, and horseback riding exercises for minors from lower-income backgrounds.

Caroline Previdi

Via the Caroline Previdi Foundation

Caroline Previdi was enthusiastic about all of her activities and was compassionate toward others. To honor the 6-year-old, her family made the Caroline Previdi Foundation, which covers the costs of extracurricular acts like music, art and athletics for kids whose pedigrees don’t have the means to pay.

Jack Pinto

Via KIDS in the GAME

Jack Pinto, 6, had an infectious smile and a adoration for boasts. To celebrate his life, his family partnered with KIDS in the GAME, a nonprofit that offers needy children the resources they need to participate in unit boasts. They encourage others to donate in his reputation.

Catherine Hubbard

Via Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary

Catherine Hubbard, 6, adored all animals and dreamed of having her own animal shelter. To reputation this ardour, her mothers installed the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation, which created the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary.

Charlotte Bacon

Via The Charlotte Helen Bacon Foundation

Six-year-old Charlotte Bacon was a free spirit who loved swine and the pigment pink. Her house generated The Charlotte Helen Bacon Foundation to subscribe and develop platforms, fellowships and initiatives in line with her flavor and angers. These include a therapy puppy program, a veterinary student scholarship, bereavement and agony investigate, and more. They’ve too released books in Charlotte’s memory.

Lauren Rousseau

Via Lauren Rousseau Elementary Education Memorial Scholarship

Lauren Rousseau was a substitute teacher who had always dreamed of being an professor. The 30 -year-old adoration her feline, Layla. Her alma mater, the University of Bridgeport School of Education, offers the Lauren Rousseau Elementary Education Memorial Scholarship for students haunting certification in elementary education.

Noah Pozner

Via Remembering Noah Samuel Pozner

Noah Pozner was an energetic 6-year-old who loved Legos, playgrounds and superheroes. His best friend was his twinned sister, Arielle. His pedigree directed donations to The Honr Network.

Mary Sherlach

Via Mary’s Fund

School psychologist Mary Sherlach, 56, was devoted to helping children. On the working day of the shooting, she reportedly leapt towards the gunman in an effort to stop him. Adoration ones set up Mary’s Fund to further her duty of offering mental health services to kids and teenages. Mary’s husband, Bill, is also included in the board of Sandy Hook Promise.

Benjamin Wheeler

Via Ben’s Lighthouse

Six-year-old Benjamin Wheeler dreamed of being an architect, a paleontologist and a lighthouse custodian. Members of his faith community set up Ben’s Lighthouse to establish programs that they are able to “empower young people to develop the self-awareness, empathy and social connections they need to find and share their own light.”

Grace Audrey McDonnell

Via Grace Audrey McDonnell Obituary

Grace Audrey McDonnell, 7, experienced prowes, baking, ranging and spending time with their own families. To reputation her life, their own families pledged to support young creators and skill curricula for boys and directed donations to the Grace Memorial Fund at the Fairfield County’s Community Foundation.

Olivia Engel

Via Friends of Olivia Engel

Six-year-old Olivia Engel’s many interests included dancing, skill, athletics, math and read. To honor her gift, her family encourages people to make donations to the Newtown Park and Bark.

Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung

Via Dawn Hochsprung Memorial

Sandy Hook Elementary School principal Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, 47, apparently died while rushing toward the gunman to protect the school. The devoted lecturer, bride, baby and grandmother experienced outdoor works like sail and snowshoeing. The Connecticut Federation of School Administration set up the Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung Education Scholarship Program to reputation her charity of learning.

James Mattioli

Via Annual James Mattioli 5k

James Mattioli was an energetic 6-year-old who loved being outside. His family caused a scholarship store for high school students planning to go to college and hosts an annual 5K hasten to help fund this initiative.

Madeleine Hsu

Via Madeleine Hsu Memorial

“You affection to run ahead to the next large-hearted adventure. Always guiding … never marching but sometimes dancing, skipping and hopping to whatever you were going to do next, ” Madeleine Hsu’s family wrote of the 6-year-old girl. Following her fatality, they directed gifts to the Madeleine Hsu Memorial Fund, c/ o Wells Fargo Bank, 26 Church Hill Road, Newtown, CT 06470.

Rachel D’Avino

Via Team Rachel Marie D’Avino

Rachel D’Avino was a behavioral healer whose operation was to help children and adults with autism. The 29 -year-old enjoyed karate, photography, prepare and baking. Her lover was planning to propose to her on Christmas Eve. To reputation Rachel’s bequest, loved ones have raised fund for Autism Speaks.

Anne Marie Murphy

Timothy A. Clary via Getty Images

Anne Marie Murphy was a 52 -year-old special education teacher who reportedly succumbed cradling her beloved student Dylan Hockley. Her category solicited privacy following her demise and encouraged parties to donate to Autism Speaks.

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