‘Wheelchair shortage left me carrying my son’

Image copyright Neil O’Connor, UNP Image caption Erin Gray had to carry her son Thomas out of hospital after he ended his leg

“It clangs spectacular but it was frankly the worst period of my life, ” says Erin Gray, recollecting the months after her four-year-old son broke his leg.

Thomas Gray was one of the four million people yearly in the UK who need access to a short-term mobility expedite, is in accordance with a British Red Cross examine.

Of that total, the results of the study says more than three million people have to make do without.

A fall from a school climbing frame left Thomas with a rupture far worse physicians considered surgery to arrange his leg.

Yet eventually that day, after having his leg put in a cast, Ms Gray was forced to carry her son out of hospital.

“I asked faculty what we were supposed to do and they pretty much shrugged their shoulders.

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