What’s It Genuinely Like To Have Kids Later In Life? These Moms And Dads Dish.

As a woman who’s approaching the large-scale 3-0, I can feel my biological clock ticking. Well, it’s either that or the constant push from my mothers to produce grandchildren.

On second thought, it’s clearly the latter. They grew up, and we still are raised, expressed his belief that as soon as you reach a certain age( widely believed to be 30 ), that your stranges of having a happy, health child go down. But as modern medicine improves, this is becoming more of a myth. The true is, females are having babes later on in life — and they’re generally just as healthy as mummies who give birth in their early 20 s.

But what’s it like for more mature mommas and papas — and how old-fashioned is too old ? These “older” mothers sound off 😛 TAGEND

1. “I feel like has become a 30 -year-old mother of an newborn you get less help. As a young baby, everyone wants you to do well so they help you out but at 30 you’re expected to have your shit together and know what you’re doing.”

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2. “My wife and I got a surprise in my late 30 s( my son was born when I was 39 ). Being an elderly mother has had its positives and negatives. All in all I think in my client it is a good occasion that I am an older parent. I do not believe that I had the maturity to be an effective mother when I was younger.”

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3. “I had a kid at 39.5. I am an expression of the results of multiple divorces and it took me a long time to find an awesome daddy for my girl. I actually broke up with the previous lover because it was pretty obvious he’d be a ugly leader( he never had teenagers ). I’ve learned that there really is no ‘proper’ way of doing things.”

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