What’s It* Really* Like To Have Kids Later In Life? These Moms And Dads Dish.

As a woman who’s approaching the large-scale 3-0, I can feel my biological clock ticking. Well, it’s either that or the constant push from my mothers to develop grandchildren.

On second thought, it’s certainly the latter.

They grew up, and we still are raised, believing that as soon as you stumble one particular age( widely believed to be 30 ), that your curious of having a glad, healthy child go down. But as modern medicine improves, this is becoming more of a story. The truth is, women are having children later on in life — and they’re generally just as health as mummies who give birth in their early 20 s.

But what’s it like for more mature moms and dads — and how old-time is too old ? These “older” mothers sound off 😛 TAGEND

1. “I is like has become a 30+ -year-old mother of an babe you get less funding. As a young father, everyone wants you to do well so they help you out but at 30+ you’re expected to have your shit together and know what you’re doing.”


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2. “My wife and I got a surprise in my late 30 s( my son was born when I was 39 ). Being an elderly parent has had it’s positives and negatives. All in all I think in my action it is a good situation that I am an elderly mother. I do not believe that I had the maturity to be an effective mother when I was younger.”


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3. “I had a kid at 39.5. I am an expression of the results of multiple divorces and it took me a long time to find an awesome daddy for my kid. I actually broke up with the previous lover because it was pretty obvious he’d be a horrendous papa( he never had kids ). I’ve learned that there really is no ‘proper’ way of doing things.”


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4. “I’m the child of parents who had me later in life( their early 40 s) and I know for a fact that there is a desire to they’d had me earlier. The stuff is, I actually prefer the parenting I’ve had, thanks to their age.”


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5. “My mom was 32, and my dad 43 when I was born. I think the room they invoked me realized me very mature and independent a lot earlier than kids with younger parents.”


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6. “I was just over 40 years old when I firstly became a daddy. My son is an absolute delight to me and he is a result of waiting to find the right marriage going to be a parent with. I got being young, free and single out of my structure and now my life revolves around him.”


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7. “My father was 48 and my mother was 44 when I was born. The greatest benefit is the knowledge of having older parents; my father is a true patriarch, he had lived a rich, full life before my brother and I were ever born.”


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8. “I think we have more vigour and are more health conscious now than when we were younger. We know we’re not going to live forever so we work hard to take care of ourselves. Based on what I discovered when I was volunteering for a 5k instruct team at my eight-year-old’s institution, I think we’re more actively involved than a lot of a very young parents.”


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9. “I was 28 when two daughters was digest. I was so not ready, in fact I placed her for adoption. Good occasion I ever did…Ten years later my son was accept and I was ready, or at the least as ready as I was ever gonna be.”


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10. “As an 18 -year-old whose mommy had me “when shes” 38, I worry about losing her invariably. She’s in great chassis and everything but she’s going up there in age and I can’t imagine life without her.”


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So how old is too old? Well, according to these parents and children of “older” parents — there’s no answer!

In fact, Janet Jackson precisely was indicated that she’s pregnant and she’s 50. I’m sure she’s going to raise that fierce newborn with as much enjoy and life as any younger mommy.

What do you think ?

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