What This Being Does With Cans And Bottles Will Stick With You Forever

Life doesnt suction for Jamie Keeton, and he was able to thank his sticky skin.

Keeton is known as the human suction cup thanks to a uncommon condition that stimulates circumstances like bottles, cans, phones, pads of article and other objects stick to his skin.

The 47 -year-old Chicago-based sideshow artist calls himself a real-life X-man-type person. He tours all over the world showing off the maneuvers he can do with his unusual epidermis.

YouTube/ The Wizard Of Odd

He even owns a Guinness World Record for most drink cans placed on the chief exploiting breeze suction, which he set in January 2016, when he stuck eight cans to his skull.

Everything protrudes to me as long as its got a hard surface that can suck to me, Keeton told The Wizard Of Odd, a YouTube channel boast humans doing extraordinarily spooky occasions. Most of the time when Im walking around, beings envisage the cans of cement are magnetized . … Thats why I use a lot of aluminum and plastic, so nothing of its magnetizable.

Some of his most impressive stunts include spouting glass out of bottles and cans put to his body.

Keeton has always been sticky, but when he was younger, he attributed their capabilities to tree exhaust he collected on his form while clambering pine trees.

Keeton said he saved his super human stickiness trade secrets until about 18 years ago, after he first shaved his head.

It was a red-hot period, and I was trying to cool my top down by comprising a soft drink to it , he told ABC News last year. But then the team reached a home run and I let go of my soda to try and grab the dance, but I missed. Then I was like, Wheres my drinking?

It turned out, it was stuck to the back of my psyche horizontally and the drink was pouring out. Everyone was laughing.

Besides being sticky, Keeton is unusual in other courses: His body temperature is systematically 100 degrees.

However, Dr. Win Myint, Keetons doctor in Oak Lawn, Illinois, insists that his case is not stuck with an strange illness.

Im not quite sure why his scalp is like that, but he is definitely not sick and in fairly good shape, Myint told ABC. Its a mystery.

Keeton may describe himself as a real-life superhero, but his focus is on selling makes rather than saving the world.

What I can do and how superhuman I am is just amazing, he said in the video above, before making such sales pitch: Have me wear your makes or your refer on the cans or the shirt at your next happening and be seen to what extent much marketing I can do for you.

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