What America’s workers know about climate change

( CNN) Kim Fish, a patient care assistant and organization member at Staten Island University Hospital, was on duty the nighttime Superstorm Sandy thumped New York four years ago. After evacuating their family to higher field, her husband, Jon, returned home to watch over their property. As the tornado intensified, Kim got a call from her sister-in-law with panicking news. Jon was trapped in their living room by floodwaters up to his neck and didn’t think he was going to survive.

“I was on the phone with my 7-year-old daughter who asked me if her father was going to die, and that’s when I collapsed on the floor like an accordion, ” replied Kim. “I get up and burst out of the sand-bagged hospital openings to get back home to my husband, but I was stopped by 5-foot deep suspend seawater.”

Kim had to wait out the blizzard at the flooded infirmary not knowing her husband’s fate, as cases moved in with hypothermia and serious wounds. Some had been appalled while swimming through water that contained submerged descended power cable.

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