We the Parties: 100 daytimes in Trump’s America

( CNN) Emotions pass high across America as voters reflect upon President Donald Trump’s firstly 100 epoches. Well let’s face it, passions have been running high-pitched since at the least Election Day, and quite rightly so, as this is the future of the country and everybody in it. But that’s where the unity intention. Stop and listen to people and you’ll listen some are talking about pride, strength and fury. Others point to sexism, fear and divisiveness. But not inevitably in the places you might recall.

We traveled to listen, to hear how the first days of Trump’s presidency have affected people’s lives, thoughts and dreamings. Here’s what we determined: hopes, panics and stuns.

Trump country radiations with pride

Hopes and suspicions in Trump’s red states

Hopes and anxieties in Trump’s swing states

Hopes and horrors in Trump’s blue-blooded states

If I could tell Trump anything, it would be…

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