Watching Leslie Jones Watch The Olympics Is Better Than Actual Olympics

Everyone has that one family member( present !) who’s forced to regularly confront his or her personal inferno in the form of a two-week-long nonstop sport happen, known by the athletically inclined as the Olympics.

To those out there who only watched the 2012 Summer Activity for the Spice Girls reunion, we are happy to inform you that there’s a different way to make it through this year. Why watch the Olympics when you can watch Leslie Jones watch the Olympics?

After her far-too-long break from social media, the “Ghostbusters” actress has reverted in fine chassis to give the Rio Olympics a bit delicacy of Leslie by fervently tweeting amusing commentary and sharing videos of herself watching various affairs. And she’s Team USA all the way.

Jones knocked off her Olympics coverage with the 10 -meter air rifle event which examined Ginny Thrasher give the United States its first amber medal of the games.

“I wanna give a shout out to Ginny Thrasher for getting us a medal, ” Jones, dressed chief to toe in pennant garment, says in one of numerous Instagram videos. “Go USA! ”

Ginny Thrasher got us a medal in the rifle happen

A video posted by Leslie Jones (@ lesdogggg) on Aug 6, 2016 at 10:19 am PDT

But she truly began to reflect during the men’s and women’s swimming affairs, taking a particular inclination to Olympian Conor Dwyer during the men’s 400 m freestyle race.

“C’mon Dwyer, ” she shrieks. “Swim , motherfucker! Swim !, ” lending in some patriotic melodies for good step.

Next, she depicted up for the women’s relay team.

And then swopped over to some biking …

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