Watch: Vertigo-Inducing Slackline Record

Words canaEUR( tm) t even do it justice.

Whatd you do last weekend? Throw back some beers, smooth some buds? The more GoPro-centric of you have been able to bombarded a mountain on your longboard or nailed a tough section in the climbing gym. But even if youre fearless, we ensure whatever it was cant come close to the madnes of Tho Sansons Sunday strollalong 500 meters of ribbon-thin slackline between two ridiculously high point in Castle Valley, Utah. Yes, its a new world account, and no, you probably wouldnt ever debate trying it yourself.

Luckily it was captivated elegantly by Renan Ozturk, Tim Kemple, and the rest of Camp4 Collective, so you can watch it with slack-jawed awe over and over again while seeing ways to make this coming weekend a little more exciting. But maybe not quite this exciting.

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