Watch This Wingsuited Daredevil Pull Off The Highest BASE Jump Ever

Mankind has just expanded its vertical empire thanks to Russian daredevil Valery Rozov, who earlier this month adjusted a new world register for the highest BASE jump in history. Clambering to an icy roost on the southwest area of Cho Oyu in the Himalayas, the 51 -year-old plummeted from a high levels of 7,700 meters( 25,262 feet) above sea level, cracking his own register of seven, 220 meters( 23,687 feet ), put off in 2013 at Mount Everest.

At simply over 8,000 meters( 26,250 feet) towering, Cho Oyu which sits on the border between Nepal and China is the sixth-highest mountain on countries around the world. It took Rozov and his crew 21 days to end their hike to the rush recognise, including a seven-day delay once they reached their end as bad weather meant it was not safe to strive the death-defying stunt.

After lastly rushing, Rozov free-fell for 90 seconds before opening his parachute and property smoothly on a glacier some 6,000 meters( 19,700 feet) above sea level. Thanks to the think of helmet-mounted cameras, you can now watch the rush from Rozovs point of view, which should present some signal of just how terrifying BASE rushing is.

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