Watch This Epic Snowball Fight In 360 Degrees

Bust out your VR headsets — it’s time for a snowball fight.

Videographer Griffin Harrington posted a video to Facebook on Monday that causes sees a 360 -degree, immersive look into how people in the nation’s capital dealt with Winter Storm Jonas over the weekend.

Though the snow gale brought the White House to a stall, Harrington’s video shows that some fun-seekers in Washington couldn’t defy the fresh gunpowder.

To get an optimal position of specific actions, open the video on your phone and incline and rotate the screen as “youre watching” Harrington drive through the city, croak sledding and engage in a massive snowball fight.

Better hitherto, try viewing the video with your Oculus or Google Cardboard headset.

Harrington told The Huffington Post that he was looking for a cool way to use his 360Heros camera after his buddy filmed the eventual New York City snowboarding video on Sunday.

“Snowboarding With The NYPD, ” by Casey Neistat, presented detectives playing neat with a snowboarder they caught being towed down the city’s streets by a Jeep. The video proceeded viral almost immediately.

“We thought, ‘We’re in D.C. and we should do something similar, ‘” Harrington supposed. “White can sometimes got a problem, but the camera was steady, the illuminating worked out and it all get really well. I’m glad people liked it.”

Indeed, Harrington’s video is quickly gaining traction on Facebook. It’s not often that you get to be practically pummeled by snowballs — from any slant you choose — in the solace of your home or office.

And it looks like Harrington isn’t finished with the antics. He lately met Discovery Communications’ Discovery VR team to help bring you foolish virtual reality videos like the 360-degree Puppy Bowl. Thank dog.

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