Watch Dogs 2 is Proceeding to San Francisco This November

This fall, Ubisoft is releasing Watch Dogs 2 , a followup to 2014′ s near-future open-world hacking competition. This time around, the action is headed to San Francisco, where the semi-nefarious” smart metropolitan” engineering has yielded the whole township connected and surveilled … and hackable.

Coming on November 15 1 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, this iteration will substitute the painfully boring protagonist from the first game for newcomer Marcus Holloway, a young pitch-black humankind from Oakland. Accused of international crimes he didn’t devote, he’s come to San Francisco to fight the power and hack his acces to right. The play will peculiarity a mixture of standard Ubisoft open-world exploration–I’m sure you’ll be climbing towers for something or another–with a hacking organization that making the participate take control of various elements of the city infrastructure. Expect to hear much more at next week’s E3 Expo.

1 UPDATE 5:21 PM ET 06/08/ 16: This story has been updated to indicate the correct open appointment for Watch Dogs 2 .

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