Watch a heroic koala called Kent be exhausted back into the wild

Kent the koala is now time waste his epoches much like this guy – snoozin’ .
Image: Getty Images

A koala referred Kent is the sun of an new cute video, capturing the joyful moment he was returned to the wildernes, after regaining from a pup attack.

Kent had spent several weeks being looked after by voluntaries after he was found in a ballpark with multiple puncture wounds to his body.

HKPS Koala Care and Rescue in Port Stephens, Australia, are the genu souls who’ve been nursing Kent back to health, and luck us, they’ve documented his convalescence and release.

In 70 percent of specimenwhere a koala is criticized by a pup, the koala does not survive. The successful rehabilitation and handout of Kent is a victory worth celebrating for the not-for-profit organisation.

The grand finale that is Kent’s release video views him ogling a bit cautious at first. But a literal side up from his human aids meant that he was back on all four paws and climbing, stat.

The care and rescue centre operates on donations from the public, and document the journey of all the koalas who visit them on their Facebook sheet.

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