Is intended to be chased across the country for a brand-new actuality series? Here’s how


If you have some free time this summer( June 27 -July 31, to be exact ), Ben Affleck and Matt Damon may have a job for you.

The Oscar-winning duo is looking for 19 opponents for The Runner , the reality-competition sequence theyre executive causing for Verizonsmobile-first entertainment platformGo9 0through their make firm Pearl Street movies, in partnership withAdaptive Studiosand thePilgrim Media Group.

Interested parties can apply

At the moment, were talking to everyone who emails or calls in, said Semi Aboud, SVP of expertise change and casting for the Pilgrim Media Group. Were doing Skypes, were asking for dwelling tape. The next gradation might be going out to actually meet beings. If for some rationale we cant do that, its not a big deal. You can always send in video, and well operate you out to meet us if youre a finalist.

In The Runner , an individual will attempt to make it in the different regions of the United States unnoticed during the course of 30 days while eight two-person crews of chasers to continue efforts to situate and captivate him or her applying all available technology.

The smuggler and the chasers will be playing for a million-dollar pillage. If they fail to triumphs, they wont exactly go home flush with cash. Rivals will be provided withlodging and transport during the film, but they will get only a minimal monetary honorarium to help with some overheads back home.

It audios cheap, but Aboud says its touchstone for contender series.

The idea is we want beings on the depict who really want to competefor the splendid prize, Aboud said. But we do, of course, understand that youre going to be taken away from their own lives for several weeks, so theres going to be an honorarium of several hundred dollars per week enabling you to out.

As is also criterion for reality-competition pictures, the finalists for contestant discerns will be subjected to a background check, as well as a physical and psychological evaluation to determine if theyre up to the thorough expects of the demonstrate( operating, clambering, hoisting/ transmit, operating paraphernalium, sleep deprivation, show to the elements ).

There might be a abilities research, as well, Aboud said. The game is going to be heavy with questions, problems, clues, and codes, so we may have some small-scale, enjoyable activity with the finalists exactly to see how they play and watch them as they strategize.

While the prospect of appearing on a brand-new, largely untested programme such such as Go90 doesnt have the impress-the-folks-back-home cachet of a Survivor or The Amazing Race , Aboud is confidentthe display has what it takes to attract rivals and sees alike.

I think this hybrid chase/ fugitive cross-country competition prove with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck attachedis extremely plotting, especially with the fact that theres over a million dollars in the game, Aboud said. Together, that should be really exciting to people.

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