Want The Best Twitter Reactions To That Guy Climbing Trump Tower? Well, Here You Get

In case you haven’t heard, there’s an unidentified male fearlessly scaling Trump Tower in New York City right now.

In under an hour after positioning himself to scale the 664 -foot-tall building, live-streams of the outlandish stunt took over Twitter.

As a arise, parties inaugurated anxiously watching this person scale the side of the structure applying nothing but a couple of harnesses and suction goblet pads.

So far, the Trump Tower climber has only been able to make it up a few narratives high before law enforcement officers and rescue workers inaugurated shutting in on him by gaining access through nearby windows.

Crazy, right ?!

This wild stunt moved for some pretty priceless Twitter reactions from parties watching the live creeks made available by various bulletin outlets.

When this courageous mind decided to scale the side of Trump Tower in the centre of Manhattan, Twitter croaked nuts.

Hey, it’s not every day that somebody builds up enough courage to actually plucks a stunt like this.

This is truly a nail-biting spectacle if I’ve ever seen one.

The stunt even delivery a brand-new, trusty pickup line.

People even suspected that Donald Trump paid this person off forpublicitypurposes( as if he needs any more ).

It establishes sense…

Others figured he was looking for a rare Pokmon while playing Pokmon Go.

Some believe this bizarre stunt could have something to do with Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated album release.

This guy supposes the Trump Tower climber actually meant to be in Rio at the Olympics.

Hmm, maybe it’s Peter Parker. You never know!

Screw Spider-Man. This stunt HAS to be about Harambe.

Ted Cruz, is why you ?!

Ah, Twitter! You never sadden us.

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