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Two BASE jumpers are presumed dead after leaping off an iconic California bridge, governments said on Tuesday.

The Monterey County Herald reported that authorities first realized the two jumpers were missing on Saturday, although the climb is thought to have existed Wednesday morning. They said the woman who hopped off the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur first likely drowned, as did the man who hopped trying to save her.

Monterey County Sheriffs officials told Monday that a video from a helmet camera showing Mary Katherine Kate Connell, of Ventura, sinking approximately 300 hoofs and property on Bixby Creek, which feeds into the Pacific. Shortly after the arrive, big motions overtake her.

“As the ocean retreats back into the ocean, Connell and the parachute are not identified retreating back to coast, ” Sheriff Steve Bernal said.

The camera then captivates “the mens” view as he jump-start off the bridge and foremen toward the beach below, according to the Los Angeles Times. Monterey County Sheriffs Cmdr. John Thornburg told after the man territory safely, he removes his helmet and parachute and runs after Connell.

Bernal said there are no plans to liberate the video. Divers are searching the region and other officials are searching from the ground and by aircraft, Bernal said.

Bernal said the mans appoint and the pair’s ages have not been released. Investigators have said the man was originially from Finland.

Deputies learned of the climb when they recovered an vacated rental automobile Saturday afternoon, after callers reported attending a parachute on the beach. A parachute and helmet were found partially buried in the sand, and the camera and the recording were recovered later.

Deputies ogled up the car renter’s appoint and discovered he had an extended background in BASE jumping and skydiving. Bernal told Connell was an experienced skydiver with more than 300 startles.

Jackie Faust, general manager of Skydive Monterey Bay in Marina, told while skydiving and BASE jumping are same, there isn’t much overlap in their own communities. She told BASE jumping can be more dangerous and isn’t regulated like skydiving.

“( BASE jumpers) don’t have two parachutes, they have one, and it’s completely different equipment, ” she said.

Jumping off Bixby Bridge can be especially dangerous because of the ocean and the relatively quick decline, Faust said.

The bridge is 290 hoofs above Bixby Creek. The creek flows into the Pacific Ocean at a high-rate of velocity, according to the Times. Thornburg said the ocean is difficult to steer for inexperienced swimmers.

He said the bridge is chiefly known for the amount of those individuals who leap off of it to commit suicide. Jumping off the bridge is illegal.

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