Twenty teens die in Ghana waterfall accident

High school students killed by descending trees while swimming at favourite sightseer spot during a blizzard, according to officials

Up to 20 students have died after a rain at a cataract favourite with picnickers in Ghana induced trees to fall on them while the latter are swimming.

Wind and heavy rain appears to have caused the incident, in which large descending trees captured daytrippers in a kitty at the bottom of the Kintampo waterfalls, one of the highest in the country, in the Brong-Ahafo region.

Surrounded by mahogany trees and sunbirds, the three-stage waterfall is about 70 meters high, and its reserve is often noticed full of people refrigerating off in the spray.

At least 12 of the dead were students of Wenchi secondary school, about an hours drive from the descends. The headteacher, Foster Boateng, told local media they had been on a trip to the northern regions of the country on Sunday.

We decided to finish it all at the Kintampo cataracts, so some of the children decided to penchant the swimming facet of it, a Ghanaian bulletin website quoted him as suggesting.

The trees started coming down, so in an attempt to escape some of them descended and the latter are caught by the trees. Those who succeeded in climbing the staircase up to pack into the bus get caught by other trees that had fallen down.

The national fire services spokesman, Prince Billy Anaglate, mentioned 18 people were killed at the scene and a further two was killed in infirmary. Eleven people were being treated for their harms, including one of the school executives in charge of the excursion.

As well as the 12 school pupils, two university students and four other visitors to the descends were among the dead.

A witness told Ghanas Starr News radio: A vast tree descended at the top when the rains inaugurated and subdued the revellers We are trying to save all those people who captured by cutting the trees with chainsaws.

The bodies of the dead and the injured were created dwelling to Wenchi, about an hours drive from the tumbles, which are on Pumpum river, a tributary of the Black Volta.

Nana Kwadjo Bekoe, a blogger from Wenchi who had been at the school, said the atmosphere there was very rueful and both students and teachers were deeply upset.

Parents are currently under the hospital to identify their loved ones who passed away in the accident. The rest of the students who maintained many positions of harms were admitted to a different hospital, he said.

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