Tower Preserves: A Place To Be Seen

“Olive”( absolutely no truth to the rumors real reputation) is a woman who worked at Tower Records on Sunset Strip for two-and-a-half years in the 1980 s. In honour of the premier of ABCs WICKED CITY, here she remembers her various touches with the rich, the far-famed, and the intoxicated .

David Lee Roth

I remember one day when David Lee Roth came in ogling high-pitched as blaze. His album Skyscraper had just come out, and the album spread is him mountain-climbing somewhere, like on the side of a huge stone appearance, and we had a wooden form of the book blanket on the ceiling of private buildings, and he demonstrated up for a meet-and-greet occasion, an autograph contract, and he was so consumed he did,’ Im going to climb the Matterhorn ,’ and there were beings from the record description bellowing themselves because he could have fallen and killed himself, and amazingly, he didnt. He was a very nice guy. He took you out for ice cream. He would often come in the accumulation, glad-handing beings. One epoch he came in and was talking to a cluster of us and he was like,’ Hey, ice cream sundaes for everyone at Barneys !’ He took 15 -2 0 of us for ice-cream sundaes at Barneys.

Slash from Guns N’ Roses

I gratified Slash the day that I got hired. I convened him and Vanity. She was there calling the manager who hired me. The manager’s figure was Kevin; he was this black person with a very bad Jheri curl. With the shag in the back. Exceedingly usual bad Jheri curl. Longer than Lionel Richies. I was interviewed in one area and then Kevin waked me back to the managers part and we opened the door and Saulhis name wasnt’ Slash’ yethe was sitting behind the managers table and leaned back in a chair. I couldnt tell if he was asleep or not, because he had the stupid hat on and sunglasses. He even wore that stupid hat there. It kind of looked like he was sort of sleeping. Kevin told him to get out of the part.’ You gotta give me a time ,’ Slash reads. He sits up in the chair and kind of adjusts himself, and then a girl crawled out from underneath the desk.

The rest of Guns N’ Arises and the hair-metal scene

It wasnt merely Slash who worked at TowerAxl Rose laboured there, more. I knew both of them. And that other guyTaime Downe. He had that party Faster Pussycat. They were all sidekicks. All those rocker dudes that hung out at the Roxy and Gazzarris and the Whisky and the Rainbow.

So it was a whole Peyton Place soap-opera scene. Everyone who was in a strap was imploring you every five minutes to buy a ticket to move appreciate them play. They were in your appearance three times a week.

I received Guns N’ Lifts like, I dont know, a hundred thousand times because it seemed like they played every other day at one of those homes. Same with Motley Crue, because they lived up the street on Doheny.

Guns N’ Climbs were like every other dude who got in a clique and got richthey were all nincompoops, totally egocentric, all they were into was themselves, they actually couldnt give a shit about you. Most of them laboured either at Tower or the rock n move Ralphs supermarket on Sunset. The channel they existed and paid their payment was there was a whole system of groupie girl children and these chicks mostly took care of them, so it would be two to three girlfriends for one guy. One would do their laundry, another would have sex with them, and another would buy them food.

Those chicks were all riling because they were all in contender with each other. It was a precursor to Bret Michaelss Rock of Loveall these girls crusading over these people trying to be the# 1 girl so they could get rich off these dudes.


The first being I ever fulfilled was Vanity. It get to work, and Im going back in the place, it was the same day I went hired, and then I went to the lavatory and came back and Vanity was in the office with my manager Kevin. They were close friends. So I walk in the chamber and I see this child in a full-length pitch-black mink coat. And this is Los Angeles and its summertime. So I assure bare legs and high heels and this mink coat and long hair. She turned around and it was Vanity, and I was altogether gobsmacked. She was wearing lingerie underneath the coating. Mostly a teddy and a thong. Her eyes are twirling around separately in her psyche in all different directions. She asked me if Id like a piece of sugar:’ I have all kinds of candy .’ She contacts in her pocket, grabs a handful of something, opens the way to her hand, and its unwrapped lollipops, Tootsie Rolls, chewing gum, all unwrapped and contained within pocket lint and fleece:’ You want one ?’ I was like,’ OK , no thanks.’

Michael Jackson

The most dramatic event would be whenever Michael Jackson would show up. He would ever come in wearing a costume so he could be anonymous. But the giveaway was that he would have on those loafers with’ MJ’ in gold on the highest level of his loafers. And youd just know it was him because hed is so very freaky-looking and hed send in recon before his visit, and theyd advise us he was coming in, and hed ever “re coming with” his assistant. It was a game that he played. Hed come in wearing these crazy costumes. One meter he had on this big Afro wig and these crazy false teeth, but you knew it was him. You know how some celebrities have the X point? Just the vitality find off him, you knew it was Michael Jackson. The laborers knew it was him because he came in every fucking week. But hed always fool all the customers, because everyone in Hollywood is a little weird-looking, so nobody looked at him twice.

A place to be seen

Tower was a respite for people. Youd reach there and recognize some luminaries walking aroundBrian Setzer, Bruce Springsteen, Whoopi Goldberg. Everyone came to be seen. You buy registers, perhaps witness a celebrity, maybe get an autograph, and that would stir your daytime.

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