This ‘Portal’ bike ride is sheer intensity

Wheeeeeee !
Image: Crimson Bull/ Facebook

Remember Portal , Valve’s puzzler which had you jump-start through punctures in the very fabric of seat, instant transporting “youve got to” another location?

Well , now you can see what that would be like in real life, if you were also exceedingly, very good at travelling a bike. Like, insanely good.

Red Bull’s video, posted on the company’s official Facebook page Thursday, does not come with a lot of context, but frankly, we don’t need any. We just want to do that exact same happening( OK, maybe without the backflips ).

Of course, if this were real life, you’d also need to have a lot of guts to bike-jump through a portal which might contribute “youve got to” an abyss, but whoever’s razzing that bike does not seem to be scared of anything.

via Sploid

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