This Paralyzed Man Is So Incredible Ellen HAD to Talk to HimAnd So Did His Personality Hero!

He bawls being paralyzed an “adventure” and his positive atmosphere has caught the world’s attention together with these fairly massive luminaries!

Along with all of the rigors Jackson faced sufficing our country in Afghanistan was the fact that he was missing out watching his favorite squad triumph the super bowl. Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saint overcame the Colts while countries around the world watched…well…most of the world. Jackson had to wait to find out.

A few weeks later was the celebration in New Orleans where Jacksons good friend, Brian, decided to attend with a very special plus one-a life sized cut out of Jackson. The next morning, Jackson woke up to find out he’d been tagged in over 70 videos on Facebook, including one of his own personal hero, Drew Brees, regarding his own cutout.

Jackson managed to make it back to the states safely and reunited with his hometown. Not long after returning he’d get the worst possible bulletin, Brian was in a mountain biking collision and was paralyzed from the waist down.

He then knew came up with a behavior to TRY and pay back Brian for his incredible gesture to him. He evidenced up to the Saints training camp to get a slide taken with Drew Brees-the only catch was he wasn’t in the picture…a cut out of Brian was instead.

This story managed to go so viral that Ellen caught wind of it and did what she does best-surprises. Here’s the breathtaking amaze she planned for this incredible friendship 😛 TAGEND

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