This Modular Bike Seat Comes Apart to Deter Saddle-Stealers

Getting your motorcycle sit plagiarized isn’tfun, but neither is carrying it around, post and all.

Selle Royal, the Italian bicycle saddle manufacturer, createda smart alternative: the Ta+ Too modular saddle. Spin and click a dial and the seat slithers from its base, frustrating crime and vandalism. We wanted to give an answer to all those people who didn’t want to invest in a high quality make because they were afraid of steal or injury, saysSelle Royals Roberto Bucci.

The seat, which weighs merely overapound, features something the company announces 3D skin gelatin. It’s polyurethane( not the usual silicon ), which the companyclaims is more shock-absorbing than other cloths because it administers influence more evenly. Selle Royal obliges other seatswith appoints like Respiro, Mach 2, and Scientia designed for greater execution and solace, but purported this one at passengers, who arent racing or biking for hours at a time.

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Caption: Brosmind’s travel-themed accommodate. Selle Royal

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Caption: Hikimi’s seat explores space travel as well. Selle Royal