This Millennial Woman Just Separated A Crazy Record While Clambering Mount Everest

So, climbing Mount Everest and coming back down with all your extremities intact was a great attainment, right?

Not for Melissa Arnot. On Monday, the 32 -year-old American climber grew the first woman to ever summit Mount Everest and exist the errand back down … without oxygen . As if that isn’t impressive enough, this was her SIXTH timesummiting the 29,035 -foot peak.

To gave this insane accomplishment into position, more than 280 parties have died trying to clamber Mount Everest since climbersfirst accomplished public officials ascentin 1953. Just this past week, four parties succumbed trying to summit the colossalpeak. And according to Outside Magazine,

Of the 7,001 Everest peaks going into this season, in agreement with the Himalayan Database, exclusively 193 or 2.7 percentdid not involve supplementary oxygen.

Ina press release, Arnot said of her record-breaking clamber,

This has been an emotional travel, to say the least. Clambering Everest without supplemental oxygen has been a goal of excavation for a long time. When you succeed at reaching your goal, it manufactures you reflect on the hard eras, the effort, and exercises I’ve learned along the way.

I wholly feel you, Arnot. I tell myself the exact same event every time I scale an extra long Monday.

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