This Is Me Supposing Goodbye To The Possibility Of Us

I’m saying goodbye to the possibility of you and me , not that we had any, to be honest.

Goodbye to any possibility of a love story with you . Goodbye to the ” once upon a time” and “happily ever after” that had never been inked on any piece of paper, or on any face for that matter. Goodbye to all opportunities of times . Kite-flying, “re going to the” museum, watching a basketball game, surfing the wavings in La Union or Baler, clambering a mountain, seeing a puppy caf, wandering around the bookstore, and driving to the North or South and keep forgetting about the rest of the world for a while. Goodbye to all opportunities of the interesting thing . Sending photos and videos of anything who are able to stir the other titter, the little notes further that we’d slip into each other’s pockets, the random offerings we’d throw each other on ordinary daytimes, the silly jokes and inside jokes we’d have, the “good morning” and” good night” text and everything in between. Goodbye to all opportunities of the large-hearted concepts . The amazes we’d draw away for one another, the segments we’d go across simply to place a smile on each other’s appearance; me corroborating you in every activity “youre playing” and being proud of what you’ve done because I know you’re good at it; and you letting me drag you to my favorite team’s play even though you’d rather subsidize yours. Goodbye to all opportunities of disagreements and differences . Of suspicion, of having different thoughts on topics that deeply are important to us, of counting and equating each other’s mistakes, of telling our dignity get in the way. Goodbye to all opportunities of us becoming better versions of ourselves . Of us reading to respect a entirely opposite sentiment from ours, of putting ourselves in the other’s shoes before jumping into conclusions, of how endanger can save a relationship, of relinquishing one’s joy for the other.

Goodbye to all opportunities of butterflies, sparks, and fireworks.

Goodbye to any possibility of knowing each other on a deeper stage . On late-night discussions that would continue until the first rays of sunlight peek through the glooms; on knowing what tickles the imagination of the other, our greatest dreads, our ambitions; on what pee-pee the other off, on what could reach the other smile, chortle, weep, or if we’re lucky, feel all of those at the same time.

Goodbye to any possibility of forming you happy. For I truly know deep in my heart and in the littlest angles of my psyche, for all that I have to give , nothing can compare to the joy she brings you.

Goodbye to the potential desire we could have had . The manner that shapes the other is intended to be the one who loves more; the all-consuming, every-fiber-of-my-being type of cherish; the kind of adoration that would not only be between us but with all the people we care about; the type of adore that they are able to resonate from the deepest core of our souls.

Goodbye to the love story that had never been given the chance to begin.

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