This glow-in-the-dark bike route shows what happens when you give resources run wild.

Poland just wrote a glow-in-the-dark love letter to bicycles.

And no, that’s not what you see after you die. That’s a bike itinerary in Poland that’s designed to brighten in the dark. It was unveiled near the cities of Lidzbark Warmiski in late September.

It feelings blue because of special luminophores built into the pavement.

The synthetic textiles assimilate vigor from the sunlight during the day and slowly secrete it at night. The company who built them says they can last-place for more than 10 hours at a time.

The company that built the itinerary said they were inspired by the Netherland’s “Starry Night” bicycle itinerary but decided to take it a step further. While the “Starry Night” path utilizes electric LEDs, the new blue-blooded itinerary involves no electricity whatsoever.

The path is a test run to see if the technology can be used on a wide scale all over the country.

Right now, the way is simply 100 meters long. It’s currently being tested to see if stands up to weather and traffic and whether they can improve it more economically. Currently, the itinerary seems to be more of a originality than anything a style to beautify the biking know-how but if the results hold up, it’s possible we could use this glow-in-the-dark technology to help improve road safety all over the world.

( By the style, the company that built this has also experimented with trying to impregnate asphalt with citrus, strawberry, and rose fragrances .)

Cycling is an breathtaking style to travel, get practise, and clean up the environment.

A lot of European cities have espoused the bicycle, and many American cities are catching on as well.

While we still need to improve our biking infrastructures overall, this glow-in-the-dark road would point out that infrastructure projects don’t have to be bearing. They can be inventive, innovative, and beautiful, too.

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