This Firefighters Mask Melted to His Face1 5 Year later, His Change Stuns the World

“My boys were scared to death of me…There are things worse than dying.”

Fourteen years ago, Patrick Hardison had his face burned off in a destructive accident during one of his duty calls as a volunteer firefighter.

The ceiling collapsed around him as he entered the house .[ My disguise] was melting to my appearance. My hose[ was] already defrosted, he said.

It was a miracle that he even survived the horrible fervor, but after 63 excruciating eras in research hospitals, it seemed that restoring his look was a hopeless case.

Since then, he’s been living with the stern mental and physical ramifications of being looked at likea mere monstrosity. He ignited off his eyelids, ears, cheeks and scalp. What boasts he had left, basically melted together. Beings no longer deemed him as human.

“My children were scared to death of me, ” Patrick told ABC’s Nightline . “You can’t accused them. They’re young kids.”

Random teenagers would recognize him and run away screaming and crying at the sight of his face.

Deeply scarred by the recurrent instances, Patrick said,

There are things worse than dying .

Over a 14 year season, he had 71 surgical operations.The stress of developments in the situation caused him and his wife to divorce, and he literally thought he had no hope left, until a faith acquaintance presentedhim with an idea.

The friendwrote Dr. Rodriguez, who performed a look transplant in 2012 at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Dr. Rodriguez agreed to help once he listened Patrick’s story.

Patrickwould only have a 50/50 possibility of subsisting, even if a match for the surgery was found with the exact skin color, mane colouring, blood type and skeletal formation. But for him, those curious were worth the risk.

He wasput on the transplant roll on August 8, 2014.

“Hopefully it’ll happen soon, ” enunciated Patrick. “It’s in God’s hands, so it’ll happen when he’s ready for it to happen. I know he’s got an angel for me out there somewhere, and he’s gonna call it dwelling one day, and hopefully when that day originates, that pedigree is strong because I can not imagine lose individual at a young age and then to be asked to give what they’re asking to give.”

A year later, David Rodebaugh, a former BMX rider became intelligence dead after a appalling biking accident.

It turns out, he was a match.

Patrick’s surgery lasted 26 hours and took the aid of over 100 medical practitioner. It’s been called the “most extensive face transplant ever.”

Now, thanks to the successfulface transplant atNYU Langone Medical Center, he’s not only got a brand new face, but a brand new outlook on life.

“You’d be surprised the things we take for granted everyday that for them is a new beginning, ” said one of the transplanting doctors.

Patrick may have a new face, but he’s still the same affection father inside.

He’s simply joyful and blessed to have a new shot at being treated likesomething we all take for awarded: human .

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