This fascinating social experimentation glints a light on the absurdity of climate disruption deniers.

The world is getting hotter. But a lot of important parties aren’t “buying in.”

Ron Burgundy had it figured out. GIF from “Anchorman.”

Stop us if you’ve heard some of these common forbears :

“It doesn’t feel like it’s getting hotter.”( Tell that to the glaciers, which are diminishing at an alarming pace .)

“The scientists aren’t necessarily right.”( Even though 97% of climate scientists concur .)

“But it’s cold outside! “( News flash: One cold daylight in one city has nothing to do with world-wide warming .)


Somehow it’s still acceptable for our captains to have a dissenting “opinion” on climate change issues despite the overwhelming evidence that it’s real. And important .

Together with the kinfolks at Unilever and the UN, we put together a fascinating social experiment to take in order to spotlight the absurdity of climate change issues denial.

Here’s how it went down .

A few of unsuspecting temporary employees were brought in to work for a company, but this wasn’t a regular agency the other employees were actors.

Then there’s this humorous item: The temporary workers arrived to find the thermostat separation and the temperature climbing throughout the day.

As the temp workers and trade the actors around them started to become unbearably hot …

… they eventually decided it was time to speak up to the boss.

The boss’ reaction should voice somewhat familiar.

“I’m not positive that( the thermostat) is accurate.”

“I don’t experience like it’s 96 degrees.”

“I personally can’t do anything about it.”

But finally, one person says what we’re all believe .

OK, here’s the spooky persona. A slew of the people in charge of moving major decisions in our country are noted climate change deniers.

It’s one thing to be casual about a busted thermostat. It’s another to ignore substantial evidence that our planet is in big-time danger. How can we ever is directed towards effective solutions if the people in charge don’t even accept global warming is happening?

This video is privilege. That’s only jackas .

Watch the whole video below, and let’s all help get the word out that there’s no good reason to still be in denial.

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