This Dad’s Viral Post Totally Busted the Stigma Of Toddler Leashes

Even before they have girls, most people have pretty strong minds about how parenting should be used. At some item or another we’ve all found guilty of claiming that we’d never make our kids watch too much Tv, or feed them processed food, or look at our telephones while our( hypothetical, still nonexistent) infants played on the playground.

Those contrives hold up really well, too…right up until you have an actual human progeny. That’s when you discover that sometimes distracting kids with the TV is no other course you get to take a shower, and processed food is better than your boy starved because he refuses to eat anything but buttered food for three weeks in a row.

Don’t even get me started on the sainthood that would be immediately reinforced any mother who actually managed to look at her child each of the 5,489 eras he screeched, “MOM, LOOK AT ME! ” on the playground.

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