This Couple Is On A Year-Long Road Trip To Every National Park

Jonathan Irish and Stefanie Payne are roadtripping across the United States with one objective in head: to inspect every national park in their respective countries.

Their aptly-titled “greatest American superhighway excursion, ” which began on Jan. 1 and will end on Dec. 31, is taking them to all 59 national parks in exactly 52 weeks to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National park Service.

“The reason we wanted to explore our national parks this year was certainly a tribute to how many amazing and diverse homes there exist our country, ” Payne replied.

So far, the couple has learnt humpback whales at Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park, towering redwood trees at California’s Redwood National Park and the limestone caves at New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns National park.

Jonathan Irish
The couple journeyed along Route 66 with their trailer in tow.

While pair has been traveling with an SUV and Airstream trailer, Payne and Irish have also investigated on foot, in barges, and in tents.

“We do a combination of driving, roadtripping, but too truly mining into the common as well, ” announced Irish. “But besides backpacking, we’ve been kayaking, ice climbing and all kinds of crazy adventures.”

The journey has given them the opportunity experience the natural charm and topographical diversity of the United States first-hand. It’s also helped them constitute brand-new rememberings at locations with which they’ve always felt familiar.

Payne read re-visiting Mt. Rainier National Park in her dwelling commonwealth of Washington held her a fresh attitude on the mountain that had overlooked her Seattle home her whole life.

Jonathan Irish
Death valley was one of the many breathtaking landscapes they got to see.

“To be able to go that common again, but in the context of this project, and to investigated it with a camera in hand and with a little bit more of a research frame of mind, only changed the common to me and stirred me look at it in a totally different space, ” she announced.

Irish fostered anyone who has never been to a national park or hasn’t departed lately, to lead visit one. Payne agreed that everyone can gain something by coming face-to-face with some of nature’s national hoards.

“There’s inspiration to be found in every one of our national parks and you really don’t have to look hard to find it, ” she supposed.

This video was produced by Alex Kushneir and revised by Taylor Thompson .