This Climber Has a Terrifying Moment on a Notorious Route | Nick Brown: Stone Kingdom, Ep. 4

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk is an extremely solid mountain climber who has never trad climbed before. Naturally, her first effort gets on ‘Unfamiliar’, an infamously hard E7, 6c (5.11 b) at Stanage in the UK. The higher Mina climbs up, the longer the runout, the even worse the possible autumn. As she’s making the final relocations as well as aiming to ingest her concern she obtains one last, awful surprise that practically sends her into a huge autumn. It would not be climbing in England it a person had not been frightened.

Director: Nick Brown
Manufacturer: Nick Brown
Athletes: Mina Leslie-Wujastyk
Sports: Climbing up

This Climber Has a Terrifying Moment on a Notorious Course|Nick Brown: Rock Kingdom, Ep. 4

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Climbing And Fear

Climbing is no different from any other activity to the extent that fear can be a huge barrier or, if used properly, a significant ledge upon which we can launch our favorite outdoor activity.

Fear can play a significant part in our everyday lives. Fear on the job, as a spouse or parent, or even driving can hold us back and prevent us from achieving our goals. Likewise, fear of climbing and everything it brings with it, can hold us back.

Just as preparation and training of your body is essential to be a safe and successful climber, so to must you prepare your mind. Strength and balance are good and useful, but even more important is an accurate understanding of the challenges and dangers. Only then will you be able to deal with them. Like life itself, if we know and understand our fears we are then able to overcome them and go on to greater heights and challenges.

How do you deal with the fear? While the sport does involve equipment and support from fellow climbers, it still is just one person at a time in contact with the rock. And, unless you can deal with and understand that, you are setting yourself up for great disappointment.

Understand that with rock climbing you must get into your subconscious fears that lie deep within us all. If you do that and work through the inner issues in your mind, you’re set to enjoy this wonderful, inspiring sport.

Business experts have shown that fear of failure can be a great motivator to achieve heights that many never imagined possible. Understanding your fears, whether in rock climbing or business or relationships, can push you to greater and greater heights.

Now, go climb that rock!

This Climber Has a Terrifying Moment on a Notorious Route | Nick Brown: Stone Kingdom, Ep. 4
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49 Responses to This Climber Has a Terrifying Moment on a Notorious Route | Nick Brown: Stone Kingdom, Ep. 4

  1. MrSaemichlaus

    So they’re pushing her verbally at an act that requires concentration and
    silence, and where quitting a goal is done for safety. They’re hurrying her
    as if there’s no reason to go slow or even give up, as if she’s doing push
    ups an arm length above solid ground. To hell with them, I wouldn’t want
    people like these in my team!

    • MrSaemichlaus

      Yeah, why?

    • andrea montanari

      +MrSaemichlaus ig ou

    • MrSaemichlaus

      +andrea montanari Hesch mis Wahnsinns (!) Videoaagebot us-checkt 😄

    • Strict NonConformist

      On the TV show “American Ninja Warrior” the fast well-trained people get
      through without getting gassed: the slow-and-careful people often are
      gassed at the end, assuming they make it far enough without falling off the
      obstacle course. Most of the tired people fail at the upper body
      strength/grip portions. There’s an optimal speed between “don’t go so fast
      you run off the edge” and “Don’t go so slow you are hanging around for
      longer than you have strength” that works best. Speed kills, but so does

  2. Patriot Sons of Liberty

    Why did they have to climb over the rock? Couldn’t they have just gone
    around it?

    • David Heywood

      Gr8 b8 m8. I actually lold though :p

    • Matteo Rinaldi

      American way 100%

    • shadowknight565

      American way would be blast through it with dynamite xD

    • Tropicar

      True XD

  3. Anton

    I’m sorry, I think I missed the tension. At which point was it?

    • Arthur V

      +King Of Scotland
      I dont think you know what ‘bigot’ means. I am defending someone from your
      ignorance, that is not bigotry. Stop throwing around words you dont
      understand in a conversation you dont understand on a topic you dont

    • Arthur V

      King Of Scotland fair enough, I guess now you know how it feels to have a
      sarcastic comment taken literally. If you mean I dont understand climbing
      then it seems I am the only one in this thread who does and has any
      experience of it. No offence to either of you, but neither of you know what
      you are talking about on the subject of hard bold climbing, I dont
      understand why you think you do and are getting so upset when you get
      called on it. It’s the equivalent of giving marathon runners grief because
      they are tired after 26 miles of running because it is flat terrain and all
      the while having never ran a marathon myself, it is frivolous and mean

    • Bone Headed

      If it’s even true that you climb, as you claim, you’re clearly a weekend
      warrior (at best) that has never pushed your personal boundaries. Mentally
      or physically. You’re not a real climber, therefore you have no right to
      judge or critique one. Doing so just makes you a loser.

  4. William Dougherty

    SHUT, UP! when someone is climbing, lifting, surfing, anything…

    • Raymus Munt

      climbing != (lifting || surfing)

    • taliwakka 27

      +Raymus Munt oh yeah I remember the time I did some surf board moves whilst
      scaling a big motherfucking wall once. I fell off and died coz it turns out
      that the wall wasn’t made out of water

    • TheKittenQueen /TheKittenQueen

      Um… If you’re dead… How are you posting this comment??? xD

    • XxSwirl_GamingxX

      TheKittenQueen /TheKittenQueen I think he means he got hurt real bad

  5. Fernando Ferraz

    Dammmn, my hands were sweating while watching the video XD… I did a lot
    of rock climbing but not without security XD

    • from hell

      shat the fack ap

    • Dark Oakland Pack

      Fernando Ferraz same lol

    • Fall Out Random

      Fernando Ferraz 😳 mine too

    • Spawndon

      Yeah, this was the first time I seen my hands sweat.
      Guess this is better than horror movies.

    • Fernando Ferraz

      +from hell u suck

  6. John Arizona

    Why not have rope (belay) as back up rather than an airbag which later
    might lead to bad knees or miss completely and then have a major problem.
    Looks like a false sense of security and a very bad idea. I am open to
    correction (doesn’t mean I’ll agree but open) so let me know.

    • Nate Lanza

      By that argument, you might as well not go climbing at all because there’s
      a chance that you get hurt. Whenever you do an extreme sport, there is a
      safety risk, and while you can make it more safe, it’s not as real or
      legitimate. If you were climbing, and couldn’t get past the crux move, so
      some people pulled you up by your rope to get you past the crux, you did
      climb the route- but you cheated. To a lot of climbers, climbing this route
      from a top rope is similar, even if it’s on a higher level than my example.
      With a top rope, the element of risk is removed, and you don’t have to
      worry about the mental game anymore. That’s why she decided not to top-rope
      it, and lead climbed it instead.

    • John Arizona

      +Nate Lanza By your argument you do not subscribe to what can be considered
      “reasonable safety” which if you thought that through you would undoubtedly
      disagree with your own argument. Do you wear a belt while driving in a car?
      Of course you do but then why if you truly believe what you are professing?

    • Nate Lanza

      Driving is something people do out of necessity to get somewhere, so they
      will employ whatever safety they can get. Additionally, even if a person
      was driving simply for the sheer joy of it, a seatbelt does not make it
      easier to drive at all. If having a pad below her made it easier to climb,
      she would not have that pad below her. And if she were simply climbing for
      the sake of getting to the top, she would take the back route that the
      others took, or use a ladder. I’d also like to point out that she did have
      a rope belay, contrary to your comment’s claim. However, if she had fallen
      instead of slipped at the top, her rope may not have caught her because she
      was roughly twice as far off the ground as her last piece of protection.

    • John Arizona

      +Nate Lanza Nate, people have a right to their own opinion and a right to
      share that opinion. If you tear into others then your point isn’t strong
      enough to stand on it’s own and you are trolling. You just want to argue.
      Ask yourself why.

    • Nate Lanza

      +John Arizona I never said people don’t have a right to their own opinions.
      However, in your comment you stated that you were open to correction, so I
      replied because I don’t agree with your view and wanted to correct you.
      Furthermore, my point is not too weak to stand on its own just because I’m
      “tearing into your argument”- if you really believe that other people’s
      opinions are always invalid if they try to disagree with you, then maybe
      you should stay off the Internet, and you should definitely refrain from
      stating an opinion in a public comments section and then declaring that you
      are open to correction.


    Falling off a cliff then shattered into pieces.

  8. Nick Eckhardt

    what a warrior.

    awesome climb

  9. skatatataatje

    I am afraid of heights, but I am pretty sure I’d be fine there. Seriously,
    this title. Fucking clickbait.

    • John Hugon

      She would LIKELY be alright. She could have been seriously hurt or killed,
      lead climbing is dangerous, and acting like its not is ignorance. Things
      appear way shorter when lookin at from the ground, and it really was a
      large fall

    • Daina Franco

      i love to lead climb and it all seems small from afar but once you’re up
      there, it’s a whole different story

    • Markit

      What im saying your ignorant if you don’t think there is any danger..
      understand lead climbing before you respond like Daina said its whole
      different story when you’re up there.

    • Nate Lanza

      It’s pretty obvious that you’ve never taken a leader fall before if you
      think she’d just be fine.

    • xXxdaguitarfreakxXx

      lead climbing is actually more safe after the first 2 bolts because you
      will fall twice as far down as the height you’re at from your last bolt. i
      had a buddy that fell from almost 20 feet down to the ground falling on the
      first bolt. I was belaying him and flew up. he was about 1 foot from the
      ground when he stopped falling. short lead climbs like this are the most

  10. AGH331

    Oh god, I just want to slap these idiots down there in the face. SHUT UP!

  11. David Diez

    To those wanting the other climbers to shut up, encouragement during a
    climb is incredibly common and useful. In addition to keeping someone
    energized by the group, it’s a strong verbal reminder of “I am here, and
    I’m ready if you fall.” Direction can also help someone push on, since when
    on a sketchy route like the one in this video, it helps in keeping a level

  12. Tim Miltz

    Easy for the jackass guy below who keeps yelling ‘COME ON’

    I wouldn’t climb because some yayhoo is yelling COME ON.

    • Stimulator7

      they are encouraging her, are they not?

  13. Clive Sinclair

    Reminds me of Formula 1 pit crews constantly telling their drivers what to
    do…. SHUT up and let her climb. Still didn’t see the ‘Terrifying bit!

    • Pope-Eye

      Because it can be unnerving and you often need encouragement/guidance.

      ‘Terrifying moment’ 5:26

  14. Ricardo Carrera

    I will only do this. if my life was in extreme danger. …..not much for

  15. Helena Nascimento

    I am tired myself just to watch

  16. Spyglass

    terifying when there are mats ok man

  17. Chloe Castro

    this is why I am afraid of hights

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