This Climber Has a Terrifying Moment on a Notorious Route | Nick Brown: Stone Kingdom, Ep. 4

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk is an extremely solid mountain climber who has never trad climbed before. Naturally, her first effort gets on ‘Unfamiliar’, an infamously hard E7, 6c (5.11 b) at Stanage in the UK. The higher Mina climbs up, the longer the runout, the even worse the possible autumn. As she’s making the final relocations as well as aiming to ingest her concern she obtains one last, awful surprise that practically sends her into a huge autumn. It would not be climbing in England it a person had not been frightened.

Director: Nick Brown
Manufacturer: Nick Brown
Athletes: Mina Leslie-Wujastyk
Sports: Climbing up

This Climber Has a Terrifying Moment on a Notorious Course|Nick Brown: Rock Kingdom, Ep. 4

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Climbing And Fear

Climbing is no different from any other activity to the extent that fear can be a huge barrier or, if used properly, a significant ledge upon which we can launch our favorite outdoor activity.

Fear can play a significant part in our everyday lives. Fear on the job, as a spouse or parent, or even driving can hold us back and prevent us from achieving our goals. Likewise, fear of climbing and everything it brings with it, can hold us back.

Just as preparation and training of your body is essential to be a safe and successful climber, so to must you prepare your mind. Strength and balance are good and useful, but even more important is an accurate understanding of the challenges and dangers. Only then will you be able to deal with them. Like life itself, if we know and understand our fears we are then able to overcome them and go on to greater heights and challenges.

How do you deal with the fear? While the sport does involve equipment and support from fellow climbers, it still is just one person at a time in contact with the rock. And, unless you can deal with and understand that, you are setting yourself up for great disappointment.

Understand that with rock climbing you must get into your subconscious fears that lie deep within us all. If you do that and work through the inner issues in your mind, you’re set to enjoy this wonderful, inspiring sport.

Business experts have shown that fear of failure can be a great motivator to achieve heights that many never imagined possible. Understanding your fears, whether in rock climbing or business or relationships, can push you to greater and greater heights.

Now, go climb that rock!

This Climber Has a Terrifying Moment on a Notorious Route | Nick Brown: Stone Kingdom, Ep. 4
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