This 7-Year-Old Perfectly Rapped A Drake Freestyle On ‘Ellen’

Get this kid a contract!

Let me insert you to the future of the music manufacture. His figure is Young Dylan, he has insane flowing, stagecoach proximity on equality with everyone else in video games and a very strict bedtime.

Thats because, although he has become a social media rap divinity with over 65 kInstagram adherents, Young Dylan is still precisely 7-years-old.

This kid is already massive and will no doubt sustain clambering that honour ladder.

Young Dylan got a chance to perform on Ellen lately and if you think he was going to let the network is an attempt censor his make, you dont know Young Deezy.

The second he got to the stage he just started rapping about fucking.

Here is an excerpt from the implementation of its 😛 TAGEND

I go on and on
Cant understand how I last so long
I must have the superpowers
Last 223 thousand hours
And its case Im off of CC
And Im off the Hennessy
And like your boy from Compton said
You know this dick aint free!
I went girls that I shoulda seen pay for it
Got girlfriends that I should made wait for it
I got girlfriends thatll nullify a flight back home
Stay another period for it
You got attitude on na na
And your pussy on agua
And your stomach on flat flat
And your ass on whats that?

The melodics are from For Free and although women did bleep out one tonne of what he was talk, you are able to listen to the original here.

The undescended projectiles on Young Dylan to sing that song bravo.

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