This 14 -Month-Old Baby Can Snowboard Better Than Most Adults

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your next Olympic champion.

Though Sloan Henderson exclusively learned to walk a few short months ago, the 14 -month-old from North Salt Lake, Utah, is already an accomplished snowboarder.

Sloans parents, Zach and Katie, are avid snowboarders so for Christmas, they thought theyd give their little one a shot at shredding with them.

They bought her a Burton Riglet snowboard( and a tiny-sized human helmet !) and within weeks, little Sloan was already tearing up the snow in their backyard. But soon, that got age-old, and on Thursday, the Hendersons ended little Sloan was ready for the big time.

They produced her to Park City Mountain Resort so she could research out her knowledge on the gradients, and suffice it to say, little Sloan is a natural.

Check out the video from their errand and make sure to remember Sloans appoint shell be winning those Olympic gold medals in no time.

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