This 105 -Year-Old Man Just Set a New Cycling World Record, So Maybe You Could Go Outside Once Today

Age ain’t nothing but an excuse.

This 105 -year-old man merely mount a new cycling world enter. 105. Times. Old. Our target demo is, like, 14 to 30, which means you have no excuse for spend so much better period with those dang video games. X-Box One. More like X-Box None until you set a world-wide record.

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The Associated Pressreports that Robert Marchand, who had once been told by a manager to give up because he was never going to achieve anything on that bicycle, “set a world register in the 105 -plus age category — composed particularly for the tireless veteran — by travelling 22.547 kilometers( 14.010 miles) in one hour.”

Marchand isn’t exactly a macrocosm record owner, he’s spent epoch during his 105 years wreaking as a firefighter, a truck driver, and a lumberjack, and only took up biking at 68. Man, we’re all so ridiculous compared to this dude.

The Huffington Post said today “the cyclist can attribute his athleticism to feeing fruits and veggies , not smoking, drinking wine in moderation, practising daily and going to bed at 9 p. m.”

Better get to work.


Via: Jacky Naegelen/ Reuters


Via: Reuters


Via: Jacky Naegele/ Reuters

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