They Took Their 1-Year-Old Out In The Snow, And What She Did Is So Breathtaking

For many people, snow is an drawback. It messes up the roads and obligates it almost impossible to get to work on time. And we all know that shoveling is ghastly. It’s all exactly part of one big headache.

But for the people who enjoy snowfall, this is the only time of year when they get at do some of their favorite activities — like improving snowmen, building igloos, having snowball contends, and snowboarding. This snow-loving category, for example, was so excited about the first large-scale snowfall that they got their one-year-old daughter in on the action. Check out her breathtaking moves!

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14-month-old snowboarder takes to Utah’s ski slopes

Sloan exactly learned how to walk, so it’s only fitting that this 14 -month-old is now a snowboarder in #Utah. #skiUtah PHOTOS that will melt your heart and full video: http :// 1nTBhhh

Posted by KUTV 2News on Friday, January 29, 2016

( via Mashable/ Facebook)

This little girl can’t contain her hullabaloo, and you can’t accuse her! Those abilities are quite staggering.

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