These Comical Reasonableness People Are Still Single Are Actually So Accurate

I am currently under a relationshipbecause I am a flawless human being who never made a single misstep or giggled so hard Ipeed( a lot) on a trampoline.

For you freaks who dont deserve people to hamper you close at night or start controversies right before bunk, Twitter is here to tell you why youll obviously die alone.

Using #YouMightBeSingleIn5Words, useds are tweeting deal-breakers that stimulate maiming loneliness.

Nobody wants to caress that, loser.

Only Drake can pull this off, but neat try, dad.

Stay with your mamas and off Tinder, murderers.

Nobody wants to wake up to this doll on your dresser, weirdo.

Stop cooking blue meth with your damn feline, degenerate.

Just take a normal rain for once, Tobias.

Humans dont require electronic competitor, nerd.

Dont slather AXE all over your organization, bro.

Its rude to masturbate on the subway, perv.

Manage your apprehensions, crazy.

Actually, wait…I disagree with this one( 10/10 would slam ).

The secret to finding your soulmate is simple-minded. Just be yourself, play it cool and go easy on the soda before clambering onto the trampoline.

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