These Gorgeous ‘Planet Earth II’ Videos Are The Best Cure For Election Anxiety

If you turn on your Tv or open up any particular word website right now, there’s maybe one thing reigning everything else: coverage of the 2016 poll( unless you happen to be pursuing the haven offered by The Weather Channel ).

But you’ve almost certainly made up your brain about whom you are voting for already and you may have already voted. If you haven’t built it to the ballots hitherto, make time to do that. If you are trying to get the vote out, great. But those of us who are relentlessly speaking or watching the latest on Trump or Clinton( or worse, looking at poles on social media considering such elections) are just emphasizing ourselves out. It’s so hard to look away, but this behavior takes a real toll on mental health.

Fortunately, if you want to distract yourself and clear your chief with something amazing, a perfect mixture is right there. The first occurrence of the BBC’s “Planet Earth II” nature documentary series aired in the UK on Sunday, and between that and some other already-released times, there’s hopefully enough out there to take your brain off such elections, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time. It’s pretty wonderful.

If you haven’t hitherto, you have to watch the spread trailer. Isn’t this a million times better than cable word right now?

Check out this sloth, which starts on a swimming and clambering tour across the beautiful island of Escudo in search of a mate.

Or this video from the first occurrence, where an iguana hatchling tries to flee a terrifying group of racer snakes.

The original trailer here( whose footage is largely different footage from the expansive trailer’s) is lovely as well.

You can see how the BBC captivates some of these amazing shoots with behind-the-scenes footage of Sir David Attenborough moving over the Alps in a hot-air balloon.

A 360 -degree video of an orchestra playing Hans Zimmer’s “Planet Earth II” soundtrack is much more soothing and inspiring than anything on the networks right now.

You can watch Planet Earth II on Sundays already if you are in the UK. The US premiere breaths on January 28, 2017, on BBC America only a few weeks and a day after the inauguration.

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