These Badass Bolivian Women Are Taking Mountain Climbing To New Heights

A group of adventurous Aymara ladies from Bolivia, known as cholitas, is taking on some of the tallest heydays in South America.

While the facts on the tours can be tough( they’ve dealt with immerse and snowy terrain and thin air at high altitudes ) they’ve already climbed five mountains outside of La Paz, Bolivia, all of which top 19,500 paws above sea level. And they’ve done everything there is while dressed in traditional garment — aguayo shawl and long, brightly colored skirts that graze the terrain as they hike. However, they swap out their bowler hats for helmets during the course of its climbs.

The thrill-seeking group eventually hopes to take their lassoes and crampons to the top of Aconcagua, the tallest crest outside of Asia.

Check out the video above to see footage from their jaunt .

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