The Trumps don’t miss the Obamas’ swing set

Malia Obama on her phone at the swing and play set last-place May on countries of the south fields of the White House outside of the Oval Office .
Image: AP Photo/ Pablo Martinez MonsivaisAP

The White House change mount was drag off the South Lawn Thursday, only a few weeks before Donald Trump moves in.

The play structure was first brought in by the Obamas in 2009 for the president’s then 10 – and 7-year-old daughters. Almost eight years later, the Obamas are donating the elaborate swingings to charity.

The set was intended for the Obama girls and other children who saw the president. Shortly after it arrived in March 2009, children from their own nationals donation played on the structure, as considered to be in a photo essay from the White House.

According to the Associated Press, such structures has three fluctuates, a tire swing, a slither, a castle, a climbing wall and clambering ropes. Obama announced it “pretty spectacular.”

The fluctuating set in all its greatnes where reference is first arrived in 2009.

On Thursday it was reported that Obama offered to keep the structure for the Trumps, but the president-elect declined.

This set up easy jokes at Trump’s expense, some pushing very far and teasing his youngest son Barron as not as capable as the Obama daughters. But others were mostly in jest.

Other jabs included Trump’s predilection for all things gold.

The moves merely keep coming.

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