The top six plan turns in British politics after the Brexit referendum

Ever since the U.K voted to leave the European Union on Thursday, the two countries has been immersed into chaos. The stock exchange tanked. The prime minister vacated. British people furiously started googling “what is the EU ?“a question they are likely should have asked 24 hours earlier.

People have been equating the post-referendumfallout to Game of Thrones, aclichd but worryingly accurate similarity. This storey has everything: feuding aristocrats, intolerance, international rivalries, and the collapse of a once-great empire. It’s likewise revealing very fast, so here’s a speedy guidebook to the key contests from this weekend.

1. Britain is going to have a brand-new prime minister

On the morning after the referendum, “ministers ” David Cameronwho campaigned for Britain to remain in the EUannounced that he was stepping down. The Conservative party now has to choose a brand-new ruler before its annual discussion in October. First, Conservative members of parliament will whittle down a land of campaigners to two candidates, and then the rest of the party( about 150,000 people) will vote for the eventual leader.

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