The naval iguana is a super-chill mini-Godzilla. You’re gonna love it.

Five hours ago, we did not realize we needed naval iguanas in our lives.

Image from Brian Gratwicke/ Flickr.

Then we watched this captivating video of a naval iguana doing the things marine iguanas do. It changed us. Forever.

And now the only thing we want to do is induce marine iguanas happen . We could tell you about how the naval iguna’s ancestors may have drifted over to the Galapagos on logs from South America and how it has protected status thanks to the Ecuadorian government, but … it’s really hard to write intelligently about this special sea-traversing lizard without being completely captivated by how freaking cool they are .

Five instants ago, we didn’t are also aware that marine iguanas amble along the ocean floor like mini-Godzillas.

But we are currently do. And our lives and yours are better off for it.

All GIFs from Steve Winkworth/ YouTube.

Look at those claws! They’re like natural, built-in rock-climbing gear. Those currents are wildly strong sometimes, but it’s not even fazed!

It’s at the underside of the ocean , strolling along like it’s ambling down a hallway at the DMV or something, until … boom! Departure!

It moves like a freaking ocean ninja and paddles around like it’s no big deal.

Marine iguanas can dive down to 80 hoofs into the liquid to find food.

Of course, ocean irrigate is truly, really cold, so naval iguanas catch some lights from the sunbathe and warm up between dives.

Yes, that’s its natural colouring. Epitome from Benjamint4 44/ Wikimedia Commons.

They have also evolved special glands to get rid of extra salt in their bodies.

They actually sneeze it out . They sneeze out salt .

And then right back into the irrigate they go.

Despite looking like the type of creature that would destroy you and your entire pedigree for looking at it the wrong way …

…the marine iguana’s actual nutrition contained in algae and…

…well, even more algae.

Just algae. That’s it.

Not to diminish how frightening this must be for the algae. You do start to feel a bit bad staring at the marine iguana’s snacking habits in pure, astonished enjoy while algae Cloverfield is happening.

It’s kind of endearingly menacing as it looks at each burn before taking another one, isn’t it?

Did we mention naval iguanas have razor-sharp teeth that they use to rain down holy, chompy fear on good, unsuspecting algae blooms?

But once the marine iguana has snacked its load, it’s duration for some major shivering meter.

So zen.

What we’re trying to say, genuinely, is this: It’s hard-handed not to love marine iguanas.

Like a happy, little Godzilla. Portrait from Jan Hazevoet/ Flickr.

That kind of love is important, ’cause candidly? Sometimes it feels like there’s a lot to not to love about the Earth these days. World-wide warming. Ocean acidification. “Dance Moms.” Terrible, all of them.

But watching these people do their act obligates us want take a second to marvel at the sheer ridiculousness and speculate of this planet we’ve met ourselves on.

Maybe today we should take a cue from the marine iguana and relax, catch some of that good, good sunshine, and take a moment to merely … be zen today.

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