The Inescapable Agony of Olympic Spoilers

Going into the snowboarding finals of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Red Gerard’s chances of nabbing a medal ogled stark. He’d bumbled his first two drains, residence him second-to-last among the 12 snowboarders rivalling in slopestyle. But Gerard’s final performance was breathtaking–a series of gravity-defying jump-starts that launched him to the top of the scoreboard, manufacturing the 17 -year-old the first American gold medalist of the 2018 Tournament and the youngest male snowboarder ever to win gold.

It was the various kinds of astonish winning beings watch the Olympics hoping to see–that is, unless they read it on their phone first. While NBC offers a livestream of most Olympic contests, on television the snowboarding programme aired with a time delay. Which means that many of Gerard’s love learned of his victory when outlets like The Washington Post, CNN, and the Associated Press pushed out mobile bulletin alarms. On TV, neighbourhood affiliates ended NBC’s delayed program to report Gerard’s medal in real meter. It was as if the national press had be converted into one massive Olympic spoiler.

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