The Here One smart earbuds are the coolest gadget I’ve tried in a while

I spend most of my dayschatting with virtual/ augmented world companies, so the world of Black Mirror always seems a little bit more imminentthan it perhaps is. That tell me anything, the future felt frighteningly close after my brief demowith Doppler Labs Here One smart earbuds.

At face value, the Here Ones are merely another pairof expensive wireless earbuds that have been created because of Apple removing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. But the $299 Here Ones, send at the end of its first year, “ve got a lot” to offer outside the standard headphone facets, most of that being a sense of futuristic think. Ill hamper my full thoughts until I got some more occasion with the earbuds, but here are some details on the demo that I experienced.

Quick Happenings: Start shipping in November $299, available in black and white 2.5/ three hours battery life for music streaming 4/5 hours for active listening features Battery case hands two full additional charges

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