The Five Best Day Hikes in Medellin, Colombia

Sitting in a valley in the middle of the Andes, Medellin has an entice that, in recent years especially, pulls travelers in droves. For some time, mention of its name produced reminiscences of cartel-inflicted terror but today, the vibe is serene and friendly, but these days, this South American spot saw” the city of everlasting outpouring” is one of Colombia’s biggest boasting times.

On a sunny era, Paisas mingle in public squares and the expressions of fruit marketers mix with salsa music flooding from open door. After heavy rain, clouds roll in level with windows of hillside residences. The metropolitan is, after all, roosted nearly 5,000 paws in the sky.

That point alone should pastime adventurers with an affinity for hiking. Medellin is many things but for outdoorsy mountain characters, it’s certainly a bucket-list end. In addition to the nightlife of El Poblado, the artwork of Botero, and the funicular, many hostels and guidebooks will recommend heading to Guatape to climb the steps of the 650 -foot El Penol, but the lines that snake through the mountains that circumvent Medellin are an underrated rich and a richer experience.

Luckily, there &# x27; s a suitable hike whatever the fitness grade is a possibility. The government of Antioquia, with its lush foliage, objection terrain, and picturesque viewpoints won’t frustrate and to top it off, the traditional hearty nutrient will be simply the thing to tuck into after trying any of these below hikes.


The rocky trailhead startsjust past the sightseer ballpark and straight past the trout restaurant with a steep, uphill climb but don’t be shed: the El Salado hike is relatively easy with safe ground the whole way. Those traveling solo can feel safe to go at it alone or, if hiking with a fledgling, this course gets the green light. This picturesque hike draws guests on a winding itinerary past farmland and charming fincas before gradually climbing up towards the surface. About an hour and a half in, the trees open up affording sightseers an incredible panorama of the Medellin valley. This blot is easily a line foreground and likely the right place to stop for photos and snacks. After preparing it back down on this out-and-back road, is ensured to keep an eye out for the restaurant beside the torrent. Hikers who have worked up an appetite is likely to be reinforced with trout caught fresh from these exceedingly water. If lucky, a group is likely to be smudge restaurant staff angling as they have lunch. As for timing, this one is what you make it. Since best available viewpoint comes ninety times in, a three-hour round trip will do just fine.


Feats like El Morran, should not be taken delicately. Make no mistake: this one’s for hikers of at the least intermediate-level ability. And those who are nauseous with meridians may be better suited to a different direction. To get to the way, hikers need to take the metro to Niquia station( the northernmost stop) which happens to be in the small town of Copacabana. The direction starts at the base of the mountain on a paved zig-zag walkway towards Santurio De Laz Cruz but don’t let that sucker you: this hike is a killer. Though it’s nearly eight miles, the battle is in the 3,200 feet of raising addition in the first half. If steep clambers are your circumstance, El Morran is the endowment that only keeps holding as new flowers seem to appear just when hikers may have thought they’d arrived at the surface. Treading along the prickles of mountains en route to Santa Elena, active travelers need to pay careful attention to their position as it can be quite tricky, especially after a rainfall. With the ascent, hikers will surely notice a change in climate and environment with the forest at the top being much jug. Actually, it’s during these epoches that single-track trail can be hard to follow so going with a guidebook would be smart for the first time struggling this one. Yes, El Morran is merciless at times but it’s in those tough regions where the backdrop is most spectacular. High in the clouds, visions like these are usually seen from airplane windows exclusively. The six-hour itinerary finishes in Parque Arvi which is a popular sightseer place above the city, though most won’t have trekked through the mountains to get there. After a tough hike, sore hikers will likewise be grateful for the cable car razz down.


Hiking in Arenales will easily be a excursion spotlight and may just convince a hiker be left in Colombia. It’s hard to believe a home is in fact be this stupefying with a footpath that zig-zags back and forth over clear creek oceans, through dense foliage, past two cataracts, up a boulder wall and eventually along the spongy soils of a pine forest. This roadway is located in the hills of Envigado and eventually finishes at La Catedral–the luxury prison which dope lord Pablo Escobar built for himself. It comes in at precisely under four miles which isn’t interminable but because of the technical terrain and 1,100 -foot elevation gain, it should take about three hours establish or take. Arenales certainly jam-pack in a lot but the most memorable duties will surely be taking a immerse in the puddles below the racing waterfalls: Chorro Campanas and Salto del Angel. If croaking alone, plainly head to the Envigado metro station and take the bus celebrated “Arenales” which will foreman up the mountain to the final stop by the same call. Since the path itself can be difficult to follow though, hiring and going with a guidebook may be wisest.


La Romera is a kept zone in the hills of Sabaneta and a magnet for chick watchers, hikers, cyclists and runners. The greenspace is a sprawling 230 hectares in Medellin’s south that boasts wildlife, natural springs and lookout times from more than 6,500 feet up. La Romera has been nicknamed the lungs of Medellin because of its diverse oxygen-producing plant life. Needless to say, it’s a tranquil medium to wander through on a Saturday afternoon with outdoorsy pals. This hike also happens to be a top chick watching destination–one won’t even have to look that difficult to blot neon wings flapping, hanging burrows swaying overhead, or a minuscule hummingbird zipping by. To get there, locate the start of Calle 65 Sur in Sabaneta and follow orders straight-out until the road turns into a pathway. The La Romera signaling will be difficult to miss. Hikers looking to for a shorter roadway can cut out the requirements of this regulation and take a taxi as it’s not yet technically part of La Romera however the individuals who don’t mind the extra mileage will enjoy the cheery fincas and flower gardens. Timewise, this is again what you make it: those who wish to go the distance is very easy to make a full afternoon of it( with stops) nonetheless two or 3 hour of expedition here should satisfy. The scenes there is flawless and guests will definitely be able to appreciate the lush vegetation that Colombia is so famed for. Wielding up an lust is likely to be no problem here which is why, upon moving it back to the bottom, devouring hikers will appreciate the selection of traditional Paisa( read: local to Antioquia) restaurants in the vicinity. Tip for the hungriest of the cluster: keep an eye out for Bandeja Paisa–Medellin’s renowned dish which is a meat-heavy dish of ground beef, chorizo, chicharron, rice, beans, arepa, egg and avocado.


Cerro de las Tres Cruces is a itinerary enjoyed by rookies and longtime hikers alike. From start to finish, it should take about an hour gist “theres been” plenty of is necessary to strike another activity off the register eventually. It starts and finishes in the frontiers of Belen and since it’s quite a popular out-and-back road for sightseers, just ask any local to place you in the right direction in case you get lost. Cerro de las Tres Cruces is popular among tourists( thanks to it being a path everyone can manipulate) and so it’s possible hikers will bump into like-minded folks along the way. Hiking above Medellin, tourists are rendered a sweeping belief of the city and at the top, fresh-squeezed juices are available to quench the lust. Sampling Colombia’s numerous delicious fruits is an absolute is required to after hiking in the mountains, there’s no better mode to rehydrate. The feature of this hike that especially mounts it apart from the rest is the outdoor gym at the top for the persons who desire to sweat merely a little more. These outdoor spaces are quite a common batch in Medellin and for a true-blue fitness maniac, what could be better than experiencing a quick exercising while appearing down on the entire city?

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