Medical doctors changing elite jocks with her all-seeing attention

( CNN) Look left, look right. Ogle up, look down.

Whatever you may observe, whatever you may come across, you won’t discern the matters that Dr. Sherylle Calder can see.

The South African has been described as the most successful person in boast. She is often called a dreamer, a pioneer.

She is the go-to coach for many of the world’s elite players, holding alone in her realm, the panel of experts in a region that is often overlooked; improving what is regularly mistreated, even by those at the peak of their sporting abilities.

Speed, strength, mental fortitude — the key components to sporting greatness. But it is incremental improvements, often announced marginal amplifications, which are able to separate the largest from the good, be the difference between prevailing and failing.

For Calder, the eyes are the missing bit of the boast jigsaw, a weakness that can become a fortitude.

Specializing in eye-hand, hoof and body co-ordination, she is the woman charged with helping athletes experience better, anticipate quicker.

It is not about having impeccable sight, she says. Her work is not sight-related, but is based on improving the visual motor method and decision making.

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